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Tijuana Mexico News

Nancy asks…

Is it still unsafe to travel to Tijuana?

I havn’t heard anything bad on the news lately and was wondering if things are back to normal in TJ. Has anyone visited recently? If so please comment on your experience.

Tijuana answers:

I live in Baja, about 20 minutes from Tijuana. Let me answer your questions this way: Are you involved in the buying, selling, or use of illegal drugs? Do you intend to venture away from the tourist or mainstream business areas of the city? Are you a corrupt police officer?

The fact is that not one innocent tourist has been killed or injured as a part of the current drug cartel wars in Tijuana. No innocent foreign resident has likewise been affected.

The drug gangsters are fighting within themselves because the government has killed or arrested many of the leaders of the drug cartels. A few of the corrupt police have also met with an untimely death as well. But the government is cracking down, and while the process is painful and slow, it is working.

Most of the incidents have been far away from the tourist areas, shopping and business districts. Tijuana is a city of 2 million people… So there are lots of places to cause trouble. I presume that your travel won’t take you into those areas.

Just today someone walked into a Museum in Washington, DC. That sort of thing has not happened in Tijuana. There is crime in Tijuana as there is in every big city, so you must be careful. Don’t venture into bad areas or associate with bad people. Only you know how comfortable you are, and how far you will stray.

But Mexico is as safe today as always for the casual tourist. Most areas are not affected at all… But unfortunately there have been issues that make the news, so it pays to be careful.

Lisa asks…

I now live in Tijuana, Mexico and looking for the best Mexican Cell Phone?

Anyone know what cell phone provider in Mexico is reputable and not a Metro like service?

I’m thinking Nextel, but they require that I get my FM3 first, which I may have to do. I will only be in the Northwestern area of Baja.

I would much rather prefer a cell phone company from the US that has a Mexico plan, but VERIZON doesn’t over their North American plan anymore.

Tijuana answers:

The richest man in the world owns 90% of all the cell phone companies in Mexico. I’m sure all of the plans are very similar since he pretty much has a monopoly of the cell phone industry.


His name is Carlos Slim

Michael asks…

Where can I find the names of the different drug cartels in Mexico?

In the AP press reports in the yahoo news section, there has been a lot of information blaming drug cartels for murders but haven’t released the drug cartels names. So, where do I find out the names of the individual cartels and where they operate within Mexico?
No, I am solely looking for more information and to become EDUCATED on the matter, something most people don’t like to do!

Tijuana answers:

Cartel d Sinaloa— Leader is Chapo Guzman and Guero Palma! Cartel Del Golfo—– Leader was Osiel Cardenas and he commands the “Zetas”he has about 100-200 hitmen ready on his command! Cartel D Tijuana—- Leader was Benjamin and Ramon Arrellano,1 is dead and the other serving life in Federal prison! Their sister Enedina who lives in Los Angeles took over! Cartel D Milenio—-Based In Guadalajara Mexico—–Leader was Armando Valencia Valencia who was arrested about 3-4 yrs ago! One of his relatives or Son is in charge now! Cartel D Ciudad Juarez—–Leader is Vicente Carrillo Fuentes,their is an allaince with Cartel d Sinaloa! Cartel d Tijuana and Cartel D Sinaloa hate each other,Cartel De Sinaloa hate Cartel Del Golfo! Almost forgot….. Cartel D Colima—-Leader is Amezcua Brothers Contreras! And Cartel D Oaxaqa—- Leader is Cacique(Means Cheap Guy) Pedro Diaz Parada! Thats about it my friend! The 4 top Cartels are tijuana,golfo,sinaloa,and Juarez!

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