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Tijuana Mexico Nightlife

Donna asks…

What are some nice weekend getaways south of Tijuana?

I live in Los Angeles and want to have a weekend vacation somewhere in Mexico but not Tijuana. Any recomendations for nice areas that is not more than a few hours drive from TJ?

Tijuana answers:

Puerto nuevo is a nice small town to stop and eat (about 45 minutes from the US border). They have the best Lobster there.

If you keep driving south, Ensenada is a great place for a short weekend getaway (about 1:30hrs from the US border). They have ‘El Mercado Negro’ which means the Black market, but it’s not what you think. It’s a fisherman’s market. They sell the best fish tacos there, and you can walk around through the historic part of town. Large cruise ships are often docked there and there is a lot of tourism.

If you drive about 2 more hours, you can go to ‘La Bufadora’ which isn’t too impressive, but many tourists like it. Essentially pressure gets built up under some rocks and every couple of minutes the pressure is released and water is sent splashing everywhere. There are alot of little shops where you can buy inexpensive Mexican art and fake Rolex watches and Oakley sunglasses.

If you’re interested in third world culture with first-world-like amenities, these are great places for a vacation. The nightlife in Ensenada is fair and you can find many great restaurants and nightclubs there.

David asks…

which country/area is the best place to live outside of europe? for cost of living -climate/crime rate etc?

I want to live outside of europe, I need the sunshine and dont fare will with european winters, dark long nights and short days… I dont have kids or commitments and can work from home part time if I need to. I like healthy living and dont need a lively nightlife, but probably want to be a home owner in a new country

Tijuana answers:

If you mean leaving the whole continent –

sydney – australia
abu dabhi – uae
dubai – uae
los angeles – usa
tijuana – mexico

Mandy asks…

Where on the in the USA is good for night life AND gaining culture?

Me and a couple of mates are looking at visiting the US next Summer. We want ideas throughout the East (especially California) and West coasts for places to go and have a fun time in bars as well as gaining some experience of tourism.

I visited California with my family in July, and was thinking of places like Santa Monica- not too far away from cool places such as Anaheim and LA, but with a good night-life and cool beach.

We are also on a fairly limited budget, so any advice on how to do the East coast as cheap as possible (including Vegas and New York- if that is not impossible!) would be very much appreciated.

Also, we are considering hiring a car and travelling across the States so if you can recommend any places that we can pass through that would also be cool. I’ve never really been further inland than Vegas so not sure what there is to see and do. We were thinking about taking either the I-40, I-10 or as much of the Old 66 as possible as a rough guide.

Oops I got my East and West coasts mixed up! Ignore that little glitch please lol
By culture I meant getting the most out of the touristy bits- not really high culture and museums. I meant attractions

Tijuana answers:

San Diego and all of Southern CA is a great place to visit. San Diego has great nightlife and the best spots are in the Gaslamp Quarter downtown and in Pacific Beach along Garnett Ave; both areas have tons of clubs and bars and are always fun. And you’re only 2-2.5 hours from LA and Santa Monica and about 1-1.5 hours to Anaheim. Plus you can go down to Tijuana and Rosarito for the day and visit Mexico.

San Diego is a very touristed oriented city and if you want to experiance that type of stuff SD and SoCal is great for that. There are so many tourist attractions like SeaWorld, world famous San Diego Zoo, SD Wild Animal Park, Legoland, Belmont Park in Mission Beach, Seaport Village, Balboa Park, ect.. Sd has some of the best beaches and beach communitites in the US too. Mission Beach and Pacific Beach are great beach communities and very tourist oriented. Pacific Beach is the place to go for both nightlife and beach scene. SD is one of the few places in CA that allow alcohol on the sand so there is always a big party going on at the beach and there are so many people it’s great to soak up the scene or meet new people. There are also many other nice, very scenic and less crowded beaches to visit too. There are also so many great events that go on all year and especially during summer in San Diego. The 4th of July celebration in Pacific Beach is the best with over 250,000 partying at the beach. The Del Mar Horse Races are a great event that attracts 30,000 people per day and is one of the nicest tracks in the country. You can also catch a professional baseball game in downtown San Diego if the Padres are playing at home.

Once you visit SD you can drive up to Orange County and check out the theme parks like Disneyland or Knotts Berry Farm and also the beaches there. Then drive up to LA to Santa Monica, Hollywood, and check out all the attractions there. After you’re done with Southern CA head to Vegas, which is about a 4-4.5 hour drive from LA and on your way east.

I would think either about starting and ending your trip in San Diego since it’s at the very southwest corner of the US and would be a good ending or beginning spot.

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