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Tijuana Mexico Weather

Betty asks…

any tips on what shops to visit in San Diego?im from the uk?

heading off there in two weeks for a holiday-any tips on places to visit, shop and eat in? cheers

Tijuana answers:

Apologies for not getting replies from locals. In the summer we’re all outside enjoying one the three best weather areas in the Western hemisphere! (Tho otherwise one of the most “online” communities in the US)

Shopping: There are the usual big megamalls. Many tourists tho like Seaport Village, downtown near the Embarcadero (near the ocean). Has a carousel there too, and some very “San Diego” shops.

Anthony’s down on the Embarcadero is a fish restaurant run by an Italian family who have been in SD for generations.
Popular with both locals and toutists. And the local chain of fast food places, Rubio’s,is a great place for fish or shrimp tacos.

There are, of course, the mandatory places to go to: The famous SD Zoo (but don’t neglect Balboa Park – in which the Zoo is located – with many great museums – one usually free each Tues. The park also have some great free attractions, including on weekends the street performers.)

Sea World is worth a visit. But a lesser known place that I like is the much smaller Scripps Aquarian, near La Jolla. Check the big coupon and brochure box in every hotel lobby in SD for a discount coupon.

The beaches, for sure. Ocean Beach was a “hippie” hangout in the ’60s and still has a bit of that relaxed and freewheeling flavor.

Old Town is mandatory for first time visitors. The orignal San Diego, with shops and historical places, and small graveyards from the pre-statehood days.

And do visit the beach at Coronado. While there, stop by and walk through the huge Hotel DelCoronado – can’t miss it, it’s right on Orange St, the main drag in Coronado. Famous old hotel, visiting place for many presidents. And one haunted room. (Rooms there are quite expensive)

Take the scenic drive out to Point Loma, through the military cemetary and out to the lighthouse park at the end of the road. Costs a couple of dollars per car to get thru the gate, but from that high vantage point you can see below the city of San Diego,the coastline and the communities, even Mexico.

Get a map that will show you how to get there. One should also be in the hotel brochure stand.

The Del Mar racetrack about 40 minutes north of the city is one the main summer attractions for San Diegans. A place not just to bet but to soak up sun in the infield and have fun. (I’m assuming you’ll have a rental car)

You may wish to take a “run to the border.” IE, Tijuana, just across the line some 15 freeway minutes south of SD city center is “the most visited city in the world.” Tour buses I think leave from San Diego and also near the border.

Worth a look, and downtown TJ has hundreds of shops selling a variety of goods, many aimed at the millions of tourists that visit each year. (Many Americans go there for inexpensive name brand pharmaceuticals – unlike the rest of the industiralized world the US has no Nat’l Health Service)

In the curio shops be sure to bargain – the Mexicans expect it. 40% of the initial asking price should be the right amount to pay!

You don’t need papers of any kind to visit TJ, and your passport is all that’s needed for the US inspectors on the way out. Take one of the tour buses into TJ. Or take the famed red trolley (the Tijuana Trolley,locals call it) to the last stop south (San Ysidro) and join hundreds of others in walking over into Mexico. (The drivelines back to the US can entail waits of hours.)

If you’re really adventurous head down the Baja coast (make sure your Rental car allows trips to Mexico). Exit the toll road at Rosarito (about 17miles south of TJ) and drive south on the decent (and improving) coastal road. (Can’t miss it, it’s the only road going south! And tons of retired Americans live in this area.)

You will pass the Fox Studio where “Titanic” was filmed, and a bit futher down encouter the famous Puerto Nuevo (Newport) Lobster Village. Lobster, in Mexican Style, fried not boiled. A big draw for Califoniains and other visitors. Delicious! (And returning by car to the US after around 9 PM is a shorter wait than daytime)

Enjoy your visit. Don’t worry about the weather, year round here it’s like the French Riviera.

Laura asks…

What is the best city in US to live ???

im living in Canada and im thinking of getting my degree from a university(Engineering) and move to US…im turning 19 and i have to decide for my future… please tell me what is the best city for fun ? California ? Miami ? or any other cities? i want to live in a LIVE, hot and fun city….Thanks

Tijuana answers:

San Diego, CA!! There are 4 major universities in the county and University of CA at San Diego is a great school for engineering and one of the best schools in the nation.

SD is a great city with the best weather in the nation. It’s usually is sunny and in the 70’s year round, never too hot or cold, doesn’t rain often, and is not humid.

The beach scene and culture is best in the US and the nightlife is some of the best in CA. And since you are not 21 yet, you can go to Tijuana or Rosarito, Mexico which is about 15 minutes south of downtown San Diego and drink at the bars there.

The women are beautiful here and most people are fit and in shape, you don’t see too many fat people around.

There is so much to do all the time year round here and we are close to other great destinations like Los Angeles, Orange County, Mexico, Santa Barbara, and LAS VEGAS!!

James asks…

What is the weather like in Mexico in February? I will be going there 02/03/08-02/09/08?

Tijuana answers:

It depends what part you go to.

I live in San Diego and we have great weather year round, even in Feb.

Tijuana is just a few minutes south and they have the same weather we have.

If its puerto vallarta you are going to, Feb is a great time because the tourists are not flooding the city and already warm and sunny at that time.

Enjoy your trip!

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