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Tijuana Mexico Weather

Sharon asks…

Is it safe for a vacation in Mexico?

Out family is planning to visit our loved ones down in Jalisco this December. The real main question is, “is it safe to travel?!” every week we here bad news about Mexican drug cartels and so forth, but is it safe to drive thru Mexico, use a transportation bus or use the expensive way and buy airline tickets?

Tijuana answers:

Ok so your safest option is airplane your second is Bus, if you are drving from california up to Tijuana i would recommend not to drive. Now it’s good to be informed and not scared, the cartels don’t mess with tourist unless you mess with them, the places that are hot right now in mexico are ciudad juarez and places in tamaulipas like victoria but you’re going to Jalisco, it’s not hot there and by hot i mean how bad it is and not the weather. Good luck

Mark asks…

Which is best for an American to live in, Tijuana or Mexicali?

Next year I have plans to move to Mexico temporarily. As an American, I enjoy living overseas, since I can do my freelance work via the Internet. I would like to hear from American and other expats who reside/have resided in Tijuana and/or Mexicali, Mexico, to hear their recommendations.
After reading the first 5 answers, I have got to ask: people, please be less cryptic. What is trashy, horrible, trouble for you? Also, what other communities down south would you recommend and why? I’m no mind reader, you know.
Another thing: from what I’ve read from some of you about Mexicali, sounds like an interesting place with a big DOWNSIDE: the searing heat between May-Nov. That’s a downer alright.

Tijuana answers:

Let me go ahead an give the the best answer. Fisrt let me tell you that I grew up my whole life in San Diego which I hope you know is across the border from Tijuana. I’ve also lived in the Imperial Valley for 6 months which is across the border from Mexicali and during that time I visited Mexicali numerous times. I have also lived in TIjuana for 6 months as well.

Let me get the easy part out of the way for you. Mexicali is the worst choice you have. Yes it is not as bad as Tijuana in terms of crime or pollution or poverty which is probably why you considered it. However it’s a HOT DUSTBOWL! Yes it’s a big metropolitan area with a large population and even the capital of BCN. HOwever it’s like a bakersfield,ca type of place. Big and boring. And yes the heat is unbearable. If you are going to live in Mexicali live there for a few months in the winter, the weather will be nice. After that get out of town the other 3/4 of the year will be HAUWGHTT. Temperatures will be above one hundred everyday from mid spring to mid fall. Imagine summertime afternoons reaching 115 to 120 some days, and on those days when the sun goes down it will still be sweaty and hot above 90 degrees for a good part of the night. No thank you. Not to mention that you will be living across the border from the Imperial Valley which is adequate but with less to offer than living across from San Diego.

Now that that is taken care of that leaves us with Tijuana. But I would add Rosarito and Ensenada as options as well. Mainly it depends on what you commute situation will be. This includes how often you will be crossing and how far you are willing to drive.

I was a daily commuter when I lived there and that’s why I chose to live in Playas De Tijuana. I drove a motorcycle which is the very very best way to cross the border. An hour and a half wait at the border to cross turns into 10 minutes. On my motorcycle it took me 10-15 minutes just to get to the border during the morning rush hour, however if you are in a car it will take longer because you deal with traffic. If you drive to the border from Playas de Tijuana during any other time of day it will be 10- 15 min. If you don’t need to cross in the morning. Playas de tijuana is the best part of Tijuana to live in as far as what I’ve been told. It’s acually very secluded from the rest of Tijuana because there’s only one way in and one way out. Next year I’ll be moving back to TJ but I will most likely move to an area called Zona Rio which is not quite as good as Playas but still a middle or upper middle class area and very close to the border.

Rosarito is nicer than Tijuana and it’s just down the coast. Also there are more Americans. A bigger percentage of the costal proberty here is owned by americans compared with the overall population in the area of americans verses Mexicans. With no traffic it takes 30plus minutes to get to the border from Rosarito and i have known some people that made a daily commute, but it’s very taxing. The daily commute from Tijuana alone is very taxing. There are some very nice (translate, very expensive) housing developements between playas de tijuana and Rosarito. But the down side is that there’s no stores or anything there it’s just houses, so you have to go into Rosarito or Tijuana to go shopping or anything. THere’s also a nice little town called Puerto Nuevo just pasted Rosarito that’s known for it’s good sea food. One other note. There is a toll on the highway once you pass playas de tijuana which can add up if you are traveling frequently past Tijuana. There is an old road you can take that is free but it goes right through tijuana instead of around it and it is very very time consuming.

Now, I saved the best for last. If you plan on crossing the border 1,2, or maybe even 3 times or less a week or anything less than that I’d say Ensenada is the way to go. Let me tell you why:

Most importantly is the furthest from the border. That means it has less polution, less poverty, less crime?, and I’d even say less police corruption. Not to mention the huge population of Americans living there. I’ve seen estimates that 20% of the Ensenada population is American. It’s a much bigger city than Rosarito as well which in fact used to be part of the Tijuana greater area. However the best thing about is is also the worst thing about it. The trip to the border from Ensenada is an hour plus.

You can search the web for Baja Relocation and there’s a company that specializes in helping Americans move to baja and find all the things they need. They offer all kinds of services and can even get you a San Diego phone number that will ring at you house in Mexico among other things.

Hope this info was helpful 🙂

Laura asks…

How would you describe san Diegos weather?

i am doing a brochure about san diego for class, any info on san diego will help 🙂 also what entertainment is there in San diego? any info is great and would be really appreciated!!!!!

Tijuana answers:

The most accurate characterization would be to call it “Mediterranean” in climate and that’s a term many brochures will use. San Diego does get chilly in the winter where you need the heater on or an extra blanket while the summers are hot but dry. As for entertainment, there’s the San Diego zoo, Sea World, and lots of lovely beaches where surfers, scuba divers, and kite boarders abound. San Diego has nowhere near the culture, night life, or diversity of San Francisco but its beaches are definitely some of the best in California, especially around La Jolla and Del Mar. If you’re a little more adventurous, Mexico is just a short drive away and Tijuana’s nightlife is infamously wild.

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