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Tijuana Mexico Weather

Donna asks…

What are the sights to see in Los Angeles, California?

We will be there for 4 days and are looking for activies that will ocupie children from ages 8 through 15. None of us have ever been to Los Angeles before.

Tijuana answers:

In the Hollywood Area:
Just Re-Opened and better than ever Griffith Park Observatory Where you can get a view of just how big this city is, Take a Hike (or walk) down the walk of Fame and check out the Stars and if you have time check out a Movie at Gruamman’s Chinese Theater and Gruamman’s Egyptian or Arclight if you are lucky you might be there at a premier.

In Downtown LA and surrounding area:
La Brea Tar Pits down Wilshire Blvd, the LACMA down Wilshire Blvd, Huntington Library in Pasadena, the Pueblo (Olvera Street just north of Downtown LA) for Great Mexican Food and drinks and/or go up to a half a Block to China Town for some killer Chinese food (Hop Louise Chinese Pagoda), Downtown LA’s has many Theater Palace’s (There is a Guided Tour on Weekends), Also a must see is Cathedral Our Lady of the Angels and Central Library, Music Center/Walt Disney Concert Hall. Check this out the Natural Museum History/Science center at Exposition Park (Just south of Downtown LA) while you’re there you can stop and smell the roses literally at the rose garden(though roses might not be in bloom in December) right in front of the museum popular for taking wedding pictures. (Note all of these places charge for parking)

Going to the West side of LA and close areas:
If you are lucky enough to get tickets you the Getty Villa in Malibu is just Amazing (Visit for tickets ticket are now being reserved for December), But there is also another Getty much easier to get into the one in the hills over looking Westwood.

Going to the South Bay:
Check out some beautiful views of Catalina Island (why not go to Catalina for a day it’s about $60 dollars round trip via the express), while you are in the Southbay check out our 3 light Houses (Fermin Light House, Point Vicente Light House, and Angles Gate Light House closes at sun down) Catch a sunset or fly a kite at the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro and watch the light of the Vincent Thomas Bridge come on.

Weather Permitting:
Take a dip in the beach, work on your tan or do some people watching at Muscle Beach Venice Beach or Santa Monica and Park of the Pacific, Huntington Beach (Surf City) Check out the waves or the surfers. Redondo/Hermosa Beach (Always something going on Beach Vollyball)

Doing some shopping:
Santi Alley, the Citadel in Commerce, the Grove/Historic Farmers Market on Fairfax, Melrose Ave, Rodeo Drive Beverly Hill, Universal City Walk, Sunset Blvd, 3rd Street Promenade (Santa Monica),

Theme Parks:
Disneyland and Knott’s in Anaheim, Magic Mountain (Valencia), Universal Studios (Studio City), park of the Pacific Sanat Monica

Looking for Night Life…
Try Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood or Sunset Strip.

Lastly if you have the time you might like to check out take a drive to Laguna Beautiful city by the beach with tons of Galleries and shops but if you wanna go a little further Try San Diego (Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World) Wanna do some Siteseeing on the other side of the Border Head on down to Tijuana or Rossarito Beach Mexico all Worht the drive.

For the Kids:
Try the Natural History Museum/Science Center.
Aquarium of the Pacific
SouthWest Museum
Griffith Obeservatory
HorseBack Riding
Travel Town (Train Museum)
San Pedro Point Fermin Lighthouse (Trails that lead you to the beach) were you can get up and close to see life. You might see whales or Dolphins.
MacArthur Military Museum
La Brea Tar pits
Medival Times
San Diego Wild Animal Park/San Diego Zoo
Earl Burns Miller Japanese Gardens

George asks…

Will the Outer Sunset of SF be safe from the tsunami?

I go to school in the outer sunset, which is probably a little less than a mile away from Ocean Beach. Do you think it will be safe to go to school or do you think the day will be canceled for safety?

Tijuana answers:

I personally think I’d take the day off; I’m firmly of the opinion that it’s better to be safe than sorry.


General information:


Midway Island has had a 8-foot surge as of 1:15 a.m. Hawaii time/3:15 a.m. Pacific/6:15 a.m. Eastern; more waves are expected, and powerful aftershocks continue in Japan, so being cautious is very important.
Hawaii has started to be hit as of 3:30 a.m. Their time (5:30 a.m. Pacific time, 8:30 a.m. Eastern time)

The magnitude 8.9 earthquake occurred just off the coast of Japan at:

Friday, March 11, 2011 at 12:46:23 AM (EST) – Eastern Standard (New York, Toronto, Jamaica)
Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 11:46:23 PM (CST) – Central Standard (Chicago, Mexico City, Costa Rica)
Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 10:46:23 PM (MST) – Mountain Standard (Calgary, Denver, Phoenix)
Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 09:46:23 PM (PST) – Pacific Standard (Vancouver, Los Angeles, Tijuana)
Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 08:46:23 PM – Anchorage
Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 07:46:23 PM – Adak
Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 07:46:23 PM – Honolulu

The first surges (6 – 7 feet) are expected to reach Hawaii at around 6 – 7 hours after the intial quake, and the west coast of the U.S. About 9-12 hours after the initial quake – about 3:00 a.m. Hawaii time (5:00 a.m. Pacific time/8:00 a.m. Eastern time), then around 7:00 a.m. Pacific time (about 10:00 a.m. Eastern time) for the northern Pacific Coast of the U.S. (Washington and Oregon), and about an hour or so later (about 8:00 a.m. Pacific time/ 11:00 a.m. Eastern time) in California. It’s getting to Washington and Oregon earlier because we’re due west of Japan, while California is somewhat southwest.

There is an excellent possibility that there will be more than one surge; just because one comes through and then is over with, it does NOT mean that there no others.

If you’re anywhere in the Pacific or on the Pacific rim, keep yourself informed: << Expected arrival times for cities on the U.S. West coast


Useful web sites: << Pacific Tsunami Warning Center << USGS Latest Earthquakes map; Red = in the last hour; blue = last 24 hours; yellow = last two weeks; you can click on any of them.

Http:// << Link for this specific earthquake

If you live in Hawaii or the U.S. Pacific coast, there ARE warnings, and about 50 other countries are also affected to some degree.

Http:// <<< Hawaii warning text×400.jpg <<< Map of times for waves to reach various points

Richard asks…

Where is a good place to vacation?

I need a not TOO expensive over the top vacationing place. We live in Canada so that is out of the brother wants to go somewhere with like city and I want to go tropical.

Can you suggest somewhere?

btw, Im 15 and my brothers 12…

is disney land too old for us?
my brother thinks it is.

Tijuana answers:

Disney Land gets kinda cheesy if you’re not a little kid or have a little kid with you. The immense lineups just don’t seem worth it.
If you’ve never been to Europe, that would be a good place to go. Your brother might be a little young for some of ths stuff you’d want to do though. Once you turn 16 you’ll be of legal drinking age in most of Europe ;).
Perhaps some location in the south of Italy would be a good compromise. There are some big urban cities there that your brother would like, and the weather is almost tropical.
I’m not sure what part of Canada you live in, but don’t put it out of the question to visit another part of our great country. If you want somewhere warmer, head out west to Vancouver or Victoria where the climate is much more temperate than the rest of the country. If you live in the West already, you might like to go to the Maritimes. Nova Soctia, Newfoundland, great places to explore. Every Canadian should see them once in a lifetime.
Plenty of great places to go in the southern US and Mexico. California and Florida have great weather. There are lots of resorts in northern Mexico you could go to. I believe there are some near Tijuana, which is a major city.

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