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Tijuana Mexico Weather

Sandy asks…

which american state would be the best to visit on a two week holiday?

Tijuana answers:

California would be the best state to visit during a two week holiday based on all of the variety of things to do and see. You can start at either the northern or southern end then work your way up or down and see so many different things. In the northern portion you could start along the coast and explore temperate rainforests and redwood forests where trees grow up to over 300 feet tall. Then work your way down through the wine country along Highway 101 and visit Sonoma and Napa Valley’s for great wine tasting. YOu can take a trip to Lake Tahoe, one of North America’s most beautiful and largest alpine lakes; they also have casinos there since it borders Nevada. Mt. Shasta and Lassen Peak are also great places for nature. Then you can go check out the San Francisco Bay Area; SF is one of America’s most beautful and unique cities and there is so much to do there. After SF continue down the coast past Monterey and Big Sure, the coast along Big Sur is amazing; mountains rise straight up out of the ocean there. If you have time Yosemite is one of the most spectacular national parks in America and is definately worth a few days checking out. Santa Barbara is also a great place to visit for a day or two. Then make your way to LA and see all of sights of LA and Orange County. Aside from all of the places to see and things to do in LA, there are tons of theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios. After than you can go check out the desert around Palm Springs and go golfing or to a spa at one of the many resorts. Also check out San Diego to the south; great weather, amazing beaches, and many attractions like SeaWorld, Wild Animal Park, The SD Zoo, ect… And you can always check out Tijuana, Mexico for the day.

Ca has the most natural and climate variety than any other state from hot, bone dry deserts, to snow capped mountains, to redwood forests to warm beaches. It also has some of American’s best cities: SF, LA, and San Diego. You won’t find the variety that CA offers in any other state.

Steven asks…

wheres good to holiday in california?

have been to orlando twice, loved Universal, the malls,the food and the general things to do like helicopter rides,beaches, gatorland, skull kingdom, old town etc. thinking of california next year, can anyone recommend similar part of california to visit, with emphasis on the shops

Tijuana answers:

Southern CA pretty much has all of those types of things you are looking, except the gators of course.

Visit the whole Los Angeles/Orange County area and then go visit the San Diego area too. There are so many attractions in SoCal. You have many of the same or similar theme parks like Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Disney’s CA Adeventure, and a few water parks in Orange County. Then in LA there is Universal Studios next to Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain, another water park in San Dimas, and the Santa Monica Pier. Down in San Diego there is the world famous San Diego Zoo, the SD Wild Animal Park, Legoland, and SeaWorld.

And there are tons of malls and places to shop in SOuthern CA. Orange County has some really nice and impressive malls like THe BLock at Orange, Fashion Island in Newport Beach, and the Irvine Spectrum. These malls are huge and all are outdoors. LA also has many places to shop like the Beverly Center, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, 3rd St Promenade in Santa Monica, The Grove in the Fairfax area, Glendale Galleria, Melrose Ave, Del Amo Mall, ect.. Down in San Diego I would check out Downtown SD, Fashion Valley Mall, and La Jolla for shopping. There are also good outlet shopping centers in Carlsbad next to Legoland and at the US/Mexico border. The one at the border is the best b/c it has all of the same upscale outlets as the one in Carslbad but it’s cheaper for some reason. Also there is an outlet mall at one the Indian Casino’s. And there are many Indian Casino’s in SD COunty if you like to gamble.

Southern CA has some of the best beaches on the west coast. South Orange County and San Diego County have the best beaches and warmest water. NEwport and Laguna Beaches are my two favorite areas in Orange County. San Diego has the best beaches and beach scene though. Check out the beaches in La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, and Coranado. Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, and OCean Beach are the only places in CA you can drink alcohol on the sand too so there is a good party scene in PB. You have many different types of beaches too. There are the wide, sandy east coast style beaches. Smaller secluded white sand beaches in between parts of the rocky shorline. And beaches right below towering 300 foot cliffs. Also when you go to San Diego, right in the same area as Pacific/Mission Beaches and SeaWorld is Mission Bay. This is an excellent place to rent a jet ski or boat and cruise around the bay or go kayaking too. If you like hangliding there is a glider port up in La Jolla, which is worth checking out just for the view and watching other hangliders. While up there if you like golfing there is Torrey Pine Golf Course, probably the best public course in the country and one of the only public courses to hold PGA events.

The are so many great resturants all over the place you should have no trouble finding good ones to eat at no matter where you are. Old Town in San Diego has great mexican food. And if you want REAL mexican food go to Tijuana or Puerto Neuvo for food. Puerto Nuevo is a great place to go for lobster and margaritas.

There are so many other great things about Southern CA that you and other tourists willl love too, so I would check out SoCal. You can easily fill up two weeks here and never be bored. And the weather here is close to perfect, especially in summer. It’s usually sunny, doesnt rain often, and near the coast it’s never too hot, cold, or humid.

Ken asks…

Good vacation spot in Mexico for wife and I?

I saw and read several other questions “related” to this but it didn’t really address what I’m looking for. My wife and I love to go on vacation, relax in the sun, watch shows or be entertained, and get dressed up and go to very classy resaurants. We never get to do this at home so this is what we look for on a vacation. We have been to Vegas several times…I love it but was thinking Mexico. Any ideas of a location? Thank you!!

Tijuana answers:

I suggest you check out Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa. Zihua (Zi-hoo-a) is a fishing village and Ixtapa is a small resort area about 5 miles away. It is located on the Pacific Coast. Beautiful weather Oct – March and not the horrible crowds like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta (also cleaner than Puerto Vallarta). You can often find great charter flights from the midwest and great flights on Alaska, Northwest, Continental from LAX, Houston, etc.

If you like even warmer weather, check out Huatulco. I have not been here but have been researching it. Very quiet, quaint, yet offers the great restaurants and things to do.

If you want the real touristy areas then go to Acapulco, Cancun / Playa Del Carmen, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta.

I think some of your decision factors should be
1) Where are you coming from? That can narrow down destinations and airlines and deals
2) What time of year are you travelling? Mexico is large, and if you are traveling in late August (very hot/humid in Cancun) then you may want to look at Los Cabos (La Paz nearby).

Don’t listen to the lady talking about dengue. Yes some parts of Mexico have it, but there isn’t a wide spread outbreak that travellers should fear. If there was, the CDC or the US Dept of Travel would have sent out a travel advisory, which they do not have. The person talking about slingshots has it all wrong. For a short time in January the police in Tijuana had slingshots. That is a lawless border town that no one would vacation in and everyone knows they have problems, but that was NOT Acapulco. Also don’t listen to the other lady about not traveling after 9pm. That is hogwash! My god, people are saying so many false things about Mexico. It is all about how safe you are and what situations you put yourself in (e.g. If you go on the street asking for drugs you are asking for problems. If you are a normal traveler enjoying the area, you will have no problems). The only thing with Mexico is you should not drive at night, because there are bandits on some of the roads.


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