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Tijuana Mexico Weather

Daniel asks…

Why do most US Citizens or Americans, living abroad or overseas, live in Mexico ?

Tijuana answers:

1) They often use it as a tax shelter
2) They are retired, are on small pensions, and can stretch their money out much longer there. I was down there and I saw lots of US retirees
3) They are snowbirds who can’t stand cold weather in the winter here. Most of them don’t live in Ciudad Juarez or Tijuana of course, but there are safer locations away from the border and in some old colonial towns&beach towns where the local politicians know that their economy would break apart if they leave, so they go out of their way to keep them safe.

Prime locations include Guanajuato, San Miguel De Allende, Isla Mujeres, and Ajijic (I don’t think I spelled these right)

Mark asks…

Please tell me anything you know about Tijuana, Mexico.?

Our family is moving there in January. Please tell me what you know about Tijuana, culturally, socially, economically, and more. Please try to tell both the good and the bad. I want to know about the food, the weather, the people, bascially anything you can think of! Please keep it clean and honest.
My husband and I will be working as church planters there for CHrisitan Reformed WOrld Missons, we both speak Spanish. Please tell me more about the area.
please tell me more!

Tijuana answers:

I haven’t been there for quite some time but I do remember it being hot, dusty, and dry. There is the tourism of Americans but there is also a level of poverty that pervades Mexico that is quite hard to get used to like whole hillsides of people living in cardboard roofed lean-tos and children begging in the streets.

The people are warm hearted and friendly once you get to be a “regular” and not just a tourist. You have to establish trust. The first people you meet that you resonate with will more than likely turn out to be your friends for some time to come. Dress codes vary from place to place, but start out with knee length skirts, pants, and demure tops if you are female. In lots of places you will get hissed at if you wear shorts or short skirts and dresses. But maybe not so in Tijuana.

The food is quite nice. Different as far as the meats consumed, but prepared very well. There is a restaurant called Caesars that claims to be the home of the salad by the same name. That was one of my favorite restaurants.

There are lots of arts and crafts there and lots of street vendors from the children selling hand woven string bracelets and lemonade to blown and stained glass and beautiful pottery. Crafts of wood, leather, and stone were everywhere too. The level of craftsmanship is from crude to fine. It depends upon where you look.

The religious faith is strong and the church is an important part of most people’s lives. I’ve spent some time in Oaxaca (wha – ha- ka) , Mexico City, Acapulco, and the Yucatan. The interior of the churches are wonderfully adorned and kept up. Lots of gold on the alters and statuary everywhere. You will almost always find people there throughout each day of the week.

Drink bottled water and beware of bandits when you travel out of town into the country. Pickpockets are everywhere in the larger cities, like most places in the world. Wear a money belt or your purse across your shoulder with the strap crossing you front from shoulder to opposite side hip until you are known as a local. Be smart when you are out past dark. Don’t go out alone, ever, no matter how long you live there. The elements of crime don’t discriminate if you are a friend or foe. If you have something they want, they will take it. You will find the same in the states, but the poverty is quite a strong driving force when it comes to crime.

Young women alone are frequently kidnapped and sold into prostitution in other countries. Another reason for not going out alone day or night. It’s money in the pocket no matter how it gets there.

Be smart, be kind. Learn the language and local dialect if you already don’t know it to help fit in. Lots of people speak English but it helps to know the language.

Good luck. I hope your transition from where you are now to there is smooth and without troubles.

William asks…

What do you foreigners think about Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Since I live in Mexico, I see progress that others don’t get from the ordinary media coverage. Hundreds of thousands of new jobs have been added in the business, fishing, and construction sectors, 1,500 senior students showed up, with high grades, to seek places in a Tijuana high school which only had places for 500. Other bright kids who can afford it go to private high school and computer schools. Phone and Internet connectivity is at a high level, and for all of you who who are speaking of the Mexico travel warnings of 30 years ago, (don’t drink the water!) the country is number two in the world for the consumption of bottled water. The US is number one, with Japan a close third. Visitors are more likely to get stomach complaints from tropical weather and too many Margaritas.

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