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Tijuana Mexico

George asks…

Has any one recently traveled to Tijuana, Mexico and got back into the United States without a passport?

I need to know if you can get back into the United States from Tijuana, Mexico with only your birth certificate and government issued driver license? I plan to travel there next month and can not wait or afford the expedited amount charged for the U.S. passport.

Tijuana answers:

Unfortunately, Photo ID and a birth certificate will no longer allow you to re-enter the United States. Everyone must either have a Passport booklet or a Passport Card.

Thomas asks…

What month is the cheapest to fly to Tijuana, Mexico (summer/winter)?

Vancouver, Canada TO Tijuana Mexico

thank you 🙂 the airfair right now is about 1000 which is alot for me would it be better to travel in winter? or would it be more expensive because not alot of people are going then and they need to make money?

Tijuana answers:

I quickly made a check and found the average price to be 660 to San Diego, CA. You’re better off going to San Diego then taking the San Diego Trolley to Tijuana. When you arrive at Lindbergh Field you can take a shuttle to the trolley which will take you to the border for about 2.50 US dollars. The border is 15 minutes from the airport by car, and about 45 using the trolley.

Betty asks…

Do I need a passport to go to Tijuana Mexico in car from california?

i am planning on going tomorow to TJ a.k.a Tijuana Mexico so please help out on the quickness i have no passport and im 17 years old do i need one ima just go for like 2 hours and come back asap in my uncles car pls tell me if i need a passport Thanks

Tijuana answers:

As Jamizzle stated, you will be okay … Unless you are driving your uncles car, without him being there. If that is the case, park it and walk over.

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