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Visit Mexico

Robert asks…

I have US Permanent resident card and my Ethiopian passport is expired can i visit Mexico?

I have US Permanent resident card and my Ethiopian passport is expired can i visit Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

I expect you cannot. I think now you need a valid passport to go anywhere outside the US. So what is keeping you from renewing your Ethiopian passport?

Susan asks…

what are some really interesting places to visit in mexico?

Iam going to visit mexico in december and i want to know what are really good places to visit while there.

Tijuana answers:

Cancun quintana roo is quite intresting beacuse of all the history there is behind it!! There is so much to know about the mayan culture!! The ruins at chichen itza are great!! It really is impressive!

Chichen Itza is an impressive archaeological site located to the southeast of Merida, Yucatan’s capital city. During its golden years, Chichen Itza was the most important political, economic and religious center for the Mayan civilization.

You really need to come and visit and learn all about it!

The rviera maya is also a great place to visit beacause it is all in the middle of the jungle and you can go scuba diving and look at the coral and seashell fragments, or swim with dolphins! It really is an experience like no other! Check this video out:

You should come to cancun it is a great place to visit, relax and enjoy! If you also happen to be looking for somewhere to stay you can look on that just right here:


Sandy asks…

Where is the best place to visit in Mexico?

My husband and I want to visit Mexico and we want to stay away from the crowds but we think July is a busy time for travel there. We want to be some where we can relax but also get adventurous if we feel like it. Does any one have a good suggestions on where we should go?

Tijuana answers:

If you like hiking and want some breath taking vistas, go to Canyon de Cobre. The train trip is amazing, and if you have time, get off at Creel, and take a bus into one of the canyons. There are several small villages inside the canyons where you can kick back, take hikes or sight see.


Another option is to visit one of Mexico’s designated Magic Towns. All have historical, cultural or religious significance and many are off the beaten path. All are quite amazing.


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