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Visit Mexico

Linda asks…

Is it possible to go to Mexico and South America by boat?

I’m planning to visit Mexico and South America and would like to avoid traveling by airplane if possible. Is there a way to go to these countries by sea? I know there are luxury cruises that go to the Caribbean. I guess I’m thinking of something a bit less frills, just a means of transportation. Haven’t found anything so far. Any tips?

Tijuana answers:

There are a lot of tour boats/cruise ships that go to Mexico and South America:
An alternate way is on a freighter. A lot of freighters carry a limited number of passengers as well as cargo. You might try some of them.
Another way is via a good travel agent that knows the best and cheapest. And one that will work with you to stay in your budget.
Usually over all unless you are going there to live and work a good travel agent is the best and cheapest way to go.

Chris asks…

My husband just asked me to find out things about visiting Cozumel, Mexico. Is there anything I should know?

I believe he is trying to plan our 10 year anniversary trip. In the past, he has been completely against visiting Mexico ( I am unsure why). If we are going at all it would be for 3-4 days max.

Tijuana answers:


Nancy asks…

How safe it’s to travel to Mexico and drive around without getting rob or kill?

I really want to Visit Mexico but Im scare of all of the crime ans killings that are going on. What things should I be aware of or do you think it is a bad Idea to visit?

Tijuana answers:

As safe as driving through any war zone. In fact more dangerous than both Iraq and Afghanistan, and the only real comparison would be the conditions in Syria where they are finding mass graves with hundreds of bodies inside, the same as they are all over Mexico even in the so called tourist safe areas. There are soon going to be some major changes in Mexico and you would do well to wait until they occur. At this point it is not safe for anyone regardless of your nationality.}{

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