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Visit Mexico

Donald asks…

What should I do in order to prevent having stomach problems when traveling in Mexico?

I am planning to visit Mexico for vacation. And everytime I go I get stomach problems and I want to prevent it from happening again. Should I have some vaccines or what other things should I do?

Tijuana answers:

This is what I do when traveling and so far I’ve had no problems.

Try to drink bottled water (club soda or mineral water). Also use the bottled water to brush your teeth.

Clip your fingernails short and wash your hands often, be sure to clean under nails with a brush.

Eat food that has just been cooked and be sure it’s been cooked thoroughly. Avoid street vendors unless the food is piping hot. Avoid any raw fruits or vegetables unless you can clean them in safe water or peel them.

Drink a couple of glasses or white wine before or with meals. White wine lowers the PH of the stomach and makes it harder for any bug to survive.

Richard asks…

what I need to enter Mexico as a Trinidadian citizen studying in the US?

I am a student studying in the Unites States and a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. I would like to visit Mexico in the next two weeks for vacation for a week and was wondering what I need in terms if requirements for entry to Mexico.I have a valid US student visa (F1), passport issued in Trinidad, I-20 as well. SInce I will be traveling from New York to Mexico, do I go through immigration or not and what will be required of me?If I am to get a visa what do I need to do and more importantly how long does it take for one to obtain a visa to Mexico.If you can get back to me as soon as possible I would greatly appreciate it, since I need to plan my trip. Thanks for a speedy reply!

Tijuana answers:

You probably should go to a Mexican consulate and apply for a tourist visa. If you don’t then when you land in Mexico you will have to go through immigration. The people there will issue a tourist visa upon entry maybe, but maybe not and then you will have to turn around and go back. So it is always best to apply for the tourist visa before you leave. That way when you go through immigration, you’ll just show them your Trinidad passport and your visa and they’ll let you in.

Ruth asks…

Find the probability that amongst 15 students visiting Mexico?

The probability of contracting a stomach virus while visiting Mexico is 60%. Find the probability that amongst 15 students visiting Mexico, More than one student contracts a stomach virus

Tijuana answers:

It is a binomial distribution with P(virus) = .6, P(no virus) = .4

P(0) = (.4)^15 = 0.0000011
P(1) = (15 C 1 ) * (.6)^1 * (.4)^14 = .0000242

P(more than one) = 1 – P(0) – P(1) = .9999747

That’s almost a certainty, so in Mexico always look for agua purificado.

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