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Visit Mexico

Steven asks…

Is it wrong for me to buy Cigarettes in mexico and cross the border to avoid Obama’s taxes?

I visit Mexico once every two weeks on business and visit family. Customs allows two cartons every crossing.
In the category of duty-free personal items, you can reenter the U.S. with 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars that were previously exported (usually found in duty-free shops in the foreign country).

Tijuana answers:

As long as you bring our smoking President a pack of Kools.

Paul asks…

Which Mexican city would you recommend visiting to experience real Mexican culture, and have fun too?

Im Australia and i want to visit Mexico. My Mexican friend says Cabo is too Americanised and I shouldn’t bother and that I should go to Cancun. Which do you think I should visit?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico City
Puerto Vallarta
Playa del Carmen
Cabo San Lucas

Sandy asks…

Where can I purchase the cheapest airline tickets to Oaxaca, Mexico from San Diego?

I have a family of six in North San Diego with a low budget and we could barely afford to visit Mexico. I will not stay at a hotel and I don’t buy through the internet. Also, I was listening to a Mexican radio station the other day and they were talking about buying two tickets and the third one free. But I don’t know which airline it was. I think it’s called Mexicana.

Tijuana answers:

Well it would have to be Mexicana because that is the only airline that serves Xoxocotlán International Airport (Oaxaca) with direct service into the United States into California but it is almost 1000 bucks just for one person and im checking a couple months from now and your talking about bringing 5 other people with you?!?!. I dont know what considers low budget for you but anytime you are flying internationally or out of the US be ready and dont be surprised if you’re gonna have to fork over a good amount. If you find that deal then great! But i dont care who you are, if you want to SAVE on airfare then the internet is your best friend and if you dont like to book online then be ready to pay even more money

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