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Visit Mexico

Paul asks…

How much does T-Mobile Prepaid Pay As You Go charge to receive a call in Mexico?

How much does T-Mobile Prepaid Pay as you go charge to receive a call in Mexico? I visit Mexico every week, and I want to know how much does T-Mobile charge if I receive an incoming call while I am in Mexico. I researched the rates, but I only get prices for Roaming calls made, not roaming calls received.
Someone answered that it has no coverage in Mexico, but as far as I read in the T-Mobile Website, it uses Telefonica Movistar Network while in Mexico and that is a nationwide network.

Tijuana answers:

Nothing, as t-mobile prepaid has no coverage in Mexico

Daniel asks…

How can i get a tourist visa to mexico from india?

I am unmarried and 31 years of age and I love to travel and want to visit Mexico as a tourist. What are all the requirements to procure a Visa for Mexico? Also tell me the total time the visa process will take.

Tijuana answers:

See site below for your answers.

Donna asks…

Where can I buy the cheapest airline tickets from Tijuana to Oaxaca, Mexico?

I have a family of six in North San Diego with a low budget and we could barely afford to visit Mexico. I will not stay at a hotel and I don’t buy through the internet. Also, I was listening to a Mexican radio station the other day and they were talking about buying two tickets and the third one free. But I don’t know which airline it was. I think it’s called Mexicana.

Tijuana answers:

I am currently searching, and found a flight for 6 people, on August 12 to 19, for $1791.60 with taxes included. That is from Tijuana. Make sure you all have passports.

On, from San Diego, and the same travel dates, I found a flight on AeroMexico for $3310.92 with taxes. That is way too expensive.

From Tijuana to Oaxaca on, I found a flight for $1796.34 with taxes on Mexicana.

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