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Visit Mexico

Chris asks…

How international student in America get Visa to Mexico?

I’m an international student in Indiana. My friend and I planned to visit Mexico in spring break, but we have no idea where and how to apply for Visa. Also, can anyone tell us what documents that we need for applying? Are there any limitations for the international students to apply for the visa? Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

I live in Mexico. If you plan to visit for less than 180 days, all you need is a tourist card. If you fly, you can obtain it on the airplane (they take care of this all the time.) If you drive, you can get it at the border. Cost is about $20.00 You will both need a from your country and your friend a U.S. Passport. You should also have a certified copy of your birth certificate. You do not need to do any other paperwork. If your American friend does not already have a passport, he/she can go to the post office in your town to fill out papers. Please allow 8 weeks to get it as the passport offices are very busy now with new rules going into effect. A U.S. Passport costs $97.00 total. Your friend can look on the web site below to read the requirements for obtaining a passport. If you are going to travel in March, better apply for that passport right away.

Ken asks…

Why will I never be fortunate enough to visit other countries?

I am 28 and have only visited Canada. I live in the USA. Why will I never be fortunate enough to visit other countries overseas or even visit Mexico like so many people I know. Why are some people fortunate enough to and some others like me are not fortunate enough to?

Tijuana answers:

Why do you believe that you won’t have the opportunity? All is takes is the desire and the will to work toward your goal. Get a passport – you never know when a chance will come up. When I was your age, I had only visited Canada outside the US too. But I’ve been several places in the Caribbean and have lived in Italy for the last 12 years and visited most of Europe.

Basically, I set aside money towards travel starting about your age and went to Europe on short city breaks when I had the opportunity. Eventually, my company asked me to go on a short assignment here and then I was asked to stay. However, if I hadn’t already had a passport, the initial assignment here may have gone to someone else because the company needed to move fast.

Sandy asks…

I have iraqi passport can i applay fro tourist visa to mexico for summer vaction?

And i have to kids i want to visit mexico in summer vaction and i have UAE resident since 1999.

Tijuana answers:

That is Cool you want to visit Mexico! You see, im 15 so I dont really know much about passaports and what not. But if you, visit:
– Cancun
– Acapulco
– Mexico City
– Guadalajara
Cancun and Acapulco are Costal Citys. These citys have nice and warm beaches. And lots of Water Parks to! Mexico City and Guadalajara are big citys that have lots of culture and Museums! You can learn alot about the nations history in these citys!
And have a happy safe trip to Mexico!

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