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Visit Mexico Cancun

John asks…

I’m visiting Cancun, Mexico and don’t speak a word of Spanish?

Will I be ok there if I can’t speak Spanish? Do they understand at least some English there? I’m staying at the Hilton Cancun.

Tijuana answers:

Believe me one important fact maybe unfortunate for mexicans and fortunatly for ppl all over the world is that in Cancun everybody speaks more english that spanish, everybody knows english so you aren´t going to have any problem… Just remember
por favor = Please
gracias = thank you
una cerveza por favor = One beer please
un tequila por favor!!! = one tequila please
como llego al hotel hilton cancun? (just if you get to drunk to remember it 🙂 = how do i get to the hilton cancun??

And you can do it good luck and enjoy your trip

Jenny asks…

is Cancun Mexico a really dangerous place to visit? PLEASEEE ANSWERR!?

oki i’m heading for Cancun Mexico tomorrow and i’m staying at Terra Carribe hotel. In the website it looks beautiful but now i’m having second doubts due to this youtube video i saw of it. Also people have been telling me that the situation is getting worse and worse by the day. PLEASE help and answer i don’t want to put my life at risk..

Tijuana answers:

In the hotel zone of Cancún, Mexico it is not dangerous. Just to let you know though… This hotel is not in the part of Cancún you are thinking. It’s NOT in the hotel zone where it’s beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise, blue water. You are in a section known as El Centro. El Centro is the real city of Cancún and not the hotel zone.
Don’t listen to the people telling you it’s scary and bad and all the Mafia stuff. That is all hear say. Don’t believe any of it. Cancún is a tourist destination and very safe…. Safer than most of the major cities of the US.
Your hotel though isn’t in the actual hotel zone like I mentioned. You aren’t going to like it. I’ll give you a link to look at pictures of it and read reviews, but it’s not anything you are going to like I think. I’ll also show you a location of it on a map. You’re not going to be by a beach or anything. Sorry, but it’s a dump. It’s probably to late since you are going tomorrow, but I would cancel it. Good luck to you and just make the best of it.

George asks…

good places to visit in mexico?

Airfair is going down so i am taking advantage of that to go away for 2 weeks with my girlfriend. I want to go to mexico since its so close. I speak spanish decently. What are some good places for an american to visit?thanks

Tijuana answers:

Great places to visit are
Cancun (probably most Americanized of all the great tourist destinations and has pyramids near by, other than all of the typical great fun stuff to do, beach, drink, go out, etc)
Puerto Vallarta which is a lot smaller than all the beachy places, and it’s pretty cool in that it’s safe and has great weather during winter. It’s in season is in the winter actually because the summer can get pretty hot.
Cabo is pretty cool too, but it’s soo touristy that it can get a little boring, I personally don’t enjoy it on account that I find there’s not that much to do. I also think that even though, they’re friendlier than in most places than in the states, there’s a lot nicer folks in other places.
Mazatlan is pretty cool, it’s slightly more Mexican than other places, which is pretty cool if you’re used to more touristy places it might be a nice change of pace. There Zihuatanejo, also and Oaxaca, all great places, and great beaches.
I might also suggest deciding on a place based on which destination has the cheapest airfare. Good luck and enjoy the trip

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