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Visit Mexico Cancun

Paul asks…

Good time to visit Mexico?

I am planning to visit mexico and cancun the last week of September. Is it a good time to visit? Could you inform me about the things I should be careful regarding safety and health precautions?

Tijuana answers:

Hola. Not to burst your bubble, but of all 12 months of the year, September is the worse month to visit Mexico. Not only is it uncomfortably hot and humid, even on the coasts but this is the prime time for bugs and jellyfish and of course there is the significant chance you will see a hurricane over a category 1 on either oceanside. Because of the high rate of storms, water contamination is high and there is a better chance of picking up either a stomach flu or worse a disease such as Hep A.

On the good side, not many tourists are here in September. So you will find it quiet and relaxing.

Sandra asks…

Is it safe to visit Mexico?

With the war on drugs raging in Mexico, should it be safe to visit Cancun for Spring Break?

Tijuana answers:

It’s relatively safe. My sister has been in Cancun for the last 6 weeks and she hasn’t seen anything that would alarm her.. She’s with her 3 little boys and hubby. I was in Mexico City 2 weeks ago and it was normal. I spent 2 days in Nuevo Laredo Mexico this week and it seemed safe.
The bottom line is this. If you’re involved in drug dealing and all that stuff, then you should be worried. The fighting is between the cartels not the average Jose on the street. Mexicans, the ones you don’t see on CNN, are NOT envious of us Americans.. Don’t know where that idea came from. They are a proud people and believe it or not, they have just as good a lifestyle as we do in the US. In all fairness to Americans, Mexican citizens are some of the nicest and polite people I’ve ever met.. I qualify this by having lived in Europe and the US.

It is safe..

Michael asks…

which are places tourlists should visit in cancun of mexico?

inside the city, are there? like shops. i want info for places i can visit by walk form the city central

Tijuana answers:

I would take a bus trip to Playa del Carmen & check out the beautiful sandy beaches. Be sure to bring / wear your swimsuit under a cover up to soak up the sun. Several nice restaurants align the beach.
As for Cancun; most of the tourist shops are ‘rip-offs’.

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