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Visit Mexico Cancun

Laura asks…

Going To Mexico?

Planning on visiting Mexico for the first time this year. Any Ideas on Hotels, Locations, or deals?

Tijuana answers:

Ok…Cancun or Playa del Carmen are the best picks in Mexico…..Cancun being my first choice. Gran Caribe Real is a wonderful resort…as well as RIU Cancun, RIU Caribe, and Dreams…for all-inclusive. Avalon Resorts are also good choices…..but I really like Gran Caribe Real. Gran Caribe Real is within walking distance to Margarittaville and Pat O’Briens, and it is also very short distance by bus to Senor Frogs and party center (Coco Bongo, The City, Dady O’s, Bulldog Cafe, Studio Seven, Congo Bar, and XX Bar). All the places I mentioned are WONDERFUL!!! Coco Bongo is a must if you have never been…….non stop entertainment, dancing, and drinking for one small price $40-$45 depending on the night you go. Isla Mujures is a wonderful day trip….snorkeling, shopping, eating, and beach is not crowded at all. The jungle tour is fun if you like that sort of thing. Xel Ha ad Xcaret are also good day trips. The Caribbean Carnival Cruise and Captain Hook dinner cruse are both fun……good fun, entertainment, and party time!!!! You really should go downtown and shop on Tulum Avenue at night and eat dinner at La Parrilla or La Habichuela….very different atmospher than Hotel Zone. As for prices….I am a travel agent and I got some really good all-inclusive deals going on right now……as well as a tremendous knowledge of Cancun. I go there about one time a month and I check all the places out personally. I would be glad to help you in anyway. You can e-mail me or call my cell if you need any help……931-265-9990. Oh yeah…Studio Seven Salsa Club has a great band if you like Salsa…..and the new Beach Club (located between The City and Coco Bongo) is one of my favorites. It is all outside…..even the dance floor….on the beach!!! Cabana Beds everywhere and just beautiful. Wherever you stay or whatever you do in Cancun… will have a blast. There is so much to do I can’t begin to tell you all of it. When you get to your hotel you can always ask the tour people at the front desk for advice, as they sell this stuff daily. Anyway….have a blast on your trip…I might even see you there!! I am leaving The 10th and staying until the 31st, but I will have my computer and cell phone if you need help!!!!

Linda asks…

best place to visit in mexico?

i was just wondering where a great place in mexico my family and i could go to.
were in canada
and theres 5 of us going,
the kids are ages, 15,12,and 9
and we arnt looking for things to really do
just a place with and ammmaaaaazing beach
and any good restaurants

Tijuana answers:

Nobody’s getting shot in Cancun. The people that think Mexico is dangerous probably haven’t ever been there, they’re just repeating things they heard on Faux News. There are some dangerous places–mostly border towns like Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez.

You will be perfectly safe in Cancun at a resort like Great Parnassus Resort and Spa where 2 Kids 12 years and under Stay FREE.

Have an adventure at Selvatica–the adventure kingdom:

Take a tour over to the Maya ruins at Chichen Itza:

Take the tour south to snorkel at Xel-ha:

Click this link below to see a list of 214 restaurants around Cancun
ranked in order of popularity:

Mary asks…

Mexico City?

Mexico City

How is it? Is it a good tourist destination? I might be planning to go there alone this month for a quick getaway. Would it be dangerous and troublesome for me as a young guy alone on his first vacation? I just want to tour the place on foot mostly, take a lot of pictures, and meet nice people… preferably girls. How are the girls there compared to South American countries? Because I originally was planning to go there first… but then thought it might be better to go to Mexico City first since its closer. But I don’t know if its better. Its better to go somewhere thats the best place to go as opposed to the closest place. So yeah… tell me how friendly the people are there…. if anyone harrasses you on the street…. if the girls there will like me…. if its easy to get around… if its safe… if theres lots to see and do there… if its cheap there…. if the weather is good there now…. etc. (read on)….
And… tell me how much I can expect to pay for…. a single hotel room for a night? is it cheap? and by cheap im talkin 5-10 dollars. anything more would be a rip-off. Or should I rent an apartment for a month? How much does that cost? And how much does it cost to take the bus or train to Acapolco, Cancun, and other cities? And anything else you could tell me, tell me. Just tell me if it would be a good idea to go there or a stupid idea and if I should go to south america instead. Thanx!!!!
but but i have to go there…. my lover is there! i cant go anywhere else!!! i must go to mexico city! but u people arent giving good answers! 🙁
hello thank u to the guy with the big message for goin bak to give me more info. im still worried becuz wot happens if i go there to find out i dont connect well with my lover… ill need someone else (backup plans)…. ill need to find other girls there who will want me. i am good looking but have no social skills and cant make convo or moves. u know? how can u help me. also do u know if you need an onward plane ticket for peru? or wud they let u in with a 1-way ticket?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico City s a very interesting destination. There are many things to do and to visit. You can explore pre-hispanic ruins, colonial buildings, museums, restaurants, bars, clubs, parks, etc. There is something for almost everybody.

However it is not a easy city to visit. It is a very large city, both in size and in number of inhabitants; it is very likely you have never experience anything like this in your life. It would take hours to go from one end to another of the city at any given time of the day. According to the statistics there are approximately 30 million people living in and around Mexico City.

Because of the size and transportation logistics, it is very tricky to move by foot. To use public transport you have to be able to communicate proficiently in spanish and have studied a bit the areas you want to go.

Mexico is large country too. A bus to Acapulco would only take 4 hours or so, but a bus to Cancun would take you about 24 hours ride.

Mexico City is an expensive city. Moderate hotels rooms would cost you around $100 US Dollars per night. It is not uncommon to find $150 and over $200 per night. You will definitely be able to find rooms for $50 and $60 per night that are decent and clean. Cheaper than that is a big gamble. I do not know of any hostal in Mexico City, but I guess there are some.

Mexico City is as safe as any other major city. If they see you walking around with an expensive camera in the wrong part of town or at the wrong time, rest assure you will get in trouble. Just like you would in LA, or New York.

People is relatively friendly, but again is a huge city. Mexicans in general tend to be friendly people, but they are typically nicer in smaller cities.

I love to trale, I love Latin America and I definitely like Mexico City, but it can be overwhelming. If this is your first trip and depending on your preferences, I would suggest instead:
Costa Rica. It is cheaper and you can travel all over the country and see different things. People is extremely friendly.
Buenos Aires. Beautiful city and beautiful people. Many things to do at any time or day or night. They are finishing their winter now and coming to spring, nice time of year to be there.
Bogota. Colombia is changing for the better and Bogota has always being a nice city. Now is even better, good place to move by foot. Absolutely georgus girls, in my opinion the best looking girls in the region. Very friendly people.
Rio and Sao Paulo in Brazil. Fun, fun, fun and plenty of friendly people.


You did not say you really, really wanted to go there. You were saying that you were not sure if you wanted to go South America.

OK If you want to go, then just be prepared. Mexico City is expensive and big.

Accomodations: A small furnish apartment or a cheap hotel will cost you around $1,000 US Dollars per month. The very cheapest I have seen in Mexico City is $20 USD per night and that was a bit scary place.

Meals are cheap. You can eat for $5 per meal looking around

Transportation is a nightmare. A 15 mile trip in one of the biggest “highways” in Mexico City (Periferico) used to take me a minimum of 45 minutes and as much as two hours to do the ride. I have riden hanging out of the window of a bus because they were so crowded, I have fallen and scratched good parts of my body because the bus refused to stop all the way. They used to assign special cars for women and children in the underground at peak hours. There is heavy traffic between 5:30 am and 11:00 pm every weekday.

Weather is nice. Typically warm during day (mid to high 80s) and fresh at night (70s). There used to be seasons of rain and dry, but it is difficult to predict those anymore. Pollution is still a problem, but not as bad as before.

Definitely tons to see and do, but it cost money and takes time.

If you have a lover there why are you worried about the friendinest of girls?

If all you wanted is encouragement, then I can honestly tell you Mexico City is a greate touristic destination. But I also stand by my previous comments. It is large, busy, complicated and fairly expensive. Cost of housing is comparable to Manhattan.

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