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Visit Mexico Cancun

Donna asks…

Honeymoon Questions (Cancun MExico)?

My fiance and I are going to Cancun Mexico for two weeks next July for our Honeymoon. Through Expedia at the Oasis Cancun ALL INCLUSIVE for two weeks including round trip flight I am looking at about 3,000-3,500 which is fine but I am wondering if anyone knows any good places to book through besides expedia….

Also wondering who has been to Cancun in July and what the weather is like around that time of year….

Tijuana answers:

Playa del carmen is way better than cancun its about 1hr south of cancun and has the same atmosphere but is alot less ghetto, beautiful resorts there…expedia is a good site, try priceline and travelocity. July its pretty good weather, warm to hot weather. Just some suggestions for you for things to do while there. Visit hidden worlds adventure park for zipling through caves and the jungle, sky cycling through the jungle, snorkel through a cenote and some packages include visiting tulum mayan ruins which is right on the beach and includes another snorkel part of the excursion in the beautiful carribean waters…do some.more cave snorkeling/exploring at rio secreto which is one of the longest underground cave river system in the world, absolutely beautiful and a must do! These two places are less commericilized amd more natural, for more commerialized experience visit XPLOR, XeHal and/or XCARET parks they are great! Dont forget to visit the famous Chichen Itza as well one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world which also includes a visit to a beautiful sick hole where you can swim in all of these are accessible to both playa del carmen and cancun. Dont forget to visit cozumel island… Another great snorkel place is akumal, where you snorkel in sea turtles natural habitat in the carribean waters…have fun and congrats in advance 😉

Linda asks…

What is the safest friendliest place in Mexico to visit with family and kids?

Not interested in Cancun or other tourist destinations. The news about the kidnappings and killing by the drug gangs in Mexico are quite a turn-off. Are there places where you can just enjoy the local culture but feel pretty safe and not confront too much panhandling?

Tijuana answers:

I have visited Mexico periodically for over twenty years, including trips by car through large parts of Central Mexico. I’ve generally found it to be a beautiful, exotic country filled with earnest people. Definitely worth a visit!

Regarding safety in Mexico, most of the drug-related violence is confined to the border region, especially Tiajuana, Ciudad Juarez and, more recently, Nuevo Laredo. There’s also a growing amount of predatory violence against tourists in Mexico City. Unfortunately, this problem seems endemic to most large cities around the world (e.g., New York, Paris, etc.) By and large, though, I consider Mexico to be a safe place to travel and visit.

Much of the question of where to go has to do with what you want. There are beaches aplenty in Mexico, but also high mountainous regions, forests, canyons, etc.

One of my favorite places in Mexico is the town of San Miguel de Allende, in the mountains about two hours north of Mexico City. It’s very beautiful and picturesque, is steeped in history, and has many artists and American expatriates living there. There’s classes to take in cooking, painting, photography, jewelry making, etc. You can rent a hacienda there for a whole week at a reasonable price, including both a cook and maid. This time of year, San Miguel is gearing up for its Independence Day celebration and the Running of the Bulls (al la Pamplona) through town.

Nearby, the cites of Guanajuato and Queretaro are equally beautiful and historic, as well as the towns of Bernal (one of my favorites!) and Tequisquiapan. The surrounding area of Sierra Gorda was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site about ten years ago, as was Guanajuato.

This part of Mexico doesn’t attract panhandlers and is very safe. The people are reserved but friendly and the temperature is moderate year round (it was 70 degrees today).

Just an aside, the Johhny Depp movie “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” was filmed in both San Miguel and Guanajuato.

If you’re more interested in the beach, getting away from panhandlers can be difficult. You might check out Zihuatanejo, the smaller, sleepier neighbor of the resort town of Ixtapa. Or perhaps the island community of Isla Holbox on the north side of the Yucatan. Both are mainly fishing communities and have yet to be consumed by the mega-resorts.

Another option is to visit Copper Canyon in the remote Tarahumara mountains of Northwestern Mexico. The canyon is larger and deeper than Grand Canyon and is only accessible by a train that hugs the edge of the canyon. You can spend just a few days or a whole week or more exploring this region, stopping along the way to stay in lodges perched on the canyon’s rim, taking hikes into the canyon itself, or visiting some of the remote villages and towns.

I hope this helps!

Betty asks…

Best time to visit Mexico?

I never took my honeymoon. I got married last year so we’re planning a trip to Mexico either the end of this year or very early 2009. I’m thinking the last week of January.. is that a good time? I’m also thinking about going to Cancun because there’s a lot of good all inclusive deals.. is that a good idea? I don’t want to party, I just want to have fun and relax.
Any suggestions for adults only hotels.. thanks.

Tijuana answers:

Try your hardest to avoid Cancun the last week of December through the second week of January. Before or after are awesome weather wise. Be very careful with the all inclusive deals though, and please avoid the Occidental Grand Xcaret. It is a complete ripoff, as well as an hour away from Cancun proper. We stayed at the Xcaret last December/January and the experience was horrible to say the least.

I’ve heard great things about the Spa Palace, (another all inclusive) though it is still an hour drive from the airport. I’ve known several people who’ve taken romantic trips to the Spa Palace, and all have loved it.

It really depends on what you plan to do while there. All inclusive is really a good deal overall, because Cancun is pretty touristy, thus pricey. Just make sure you do your research on the particular hotels first. And read a lot of reviews! Have a blast!

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