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Visit Mexico Cancun

Sandy asks…

when is the best time to visit cancun mexico?

Tijuana answers:

ANYTIME BABY !!!!!!!!!!!! Avg temp year round in cancun is 85 to 90 degrees the cold beer will keep u cool !!!!!!

Charles asks…

Anyone know anything on Cancun Mexico?

My family and I are visiting Cancun Mexico in January. I was also wondering if anyone has been there and knows any good places to tour or visit. Or if you have anything different on this topic that they would like to share or that could be helpfull please let me know. Also I am trying to find how much Mexicos money (pasos) is to Canadas money.


Tijuana answers:

There’s soooo much to do in Cancún!!!

Jot down the following list:
– Chichen Itzá
– Jungle Tours
– Sky diving
– Snorkeling
– Extreme sports
– Xcaret
– Xel-Há
– Tulum
– Cozumel
– Playa del Carmen
– Cobá
– Plus all the clubs, bars, restaurants

This does not include the time you can spend in the beautiful beaches they have all over the place. You could practically stay almost whole week just watching the dawn every day and drinking pina coladas until late at nite!

The problem in Cancún is always what to choose from all the things to do.

Mexican currency is called pesos. Exchange rate is practically 10 pesos to 1 Canadian dollar.

Please take into account that generally speaking, Mexico is a very cheap country, nevertheless Cancun and all the Riviera Maya is not. In fact, it can be quite expensive.

Normally they receive anywhere foreign currency, specially USD and Euros (not everywhere Canadian dollars). Almost everywhere you can pay with your card, and in the hotels you can normally always exchange currency.

Lizzie asks…

what places should i visit in mexico?

I was thinking of cancun but one man told me it wasn’t fun because of all the tourists. Should I visit Mexico City?

Tijuana answers:

The Cancun Hotel Zone is really more U.S. Resort than Mexico, but just because you land in Cancun doesn’t mean you have to stay in Cancun. You can easily take a bus from there to anywhere in the Yucatan. Merida is very nice, and so is Tulum; both have Maya ruins, and Tulum has the best beach for wading I have ever seen. Both Playa del Carmen and Tulum are geared towards tourists, but they’re not as sterile as Cancun.

I haven’t been to Mexico City, but it has a reputation for being big, noisy, dirty, and polluted.

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