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Visit Mexico Cancun

Helen asks…

What is the best city to visit in mexico for young couples?

I want to go to a fun, moderatly expensive, resort in Mexico. I’m looking for a relaxing trip on a beautiful beach, great food, and good music. Where should I go? I want the trip to be in March or early April. I’m looking to spend $1,700 (not including the flight)

Tijuana answers:

My friend….the best place to travel in Mexico is Cancun. There you can found beach, music, good food and a very nice place. You can also find some non-expensive tours to places like Xel-ha or Ixcaret (ecological places), Tulum or Chichen-Itza (archaeological) and a lot (A LOT) of nice music places.
If you want to eat something VERY GOOD, go to a place called “Madonna”…….I just was there a couple of months ago and let me tell you…´s fantastic.

Susan asks…

Does anyone have any tips/suggestions, and/or things to be aware of when visiting Cancun?

I’m visiting Cancun in May. Also, when should I convert my money to Pesos?

Tijuana answers:

You can purchase Peso’s from the desk clerks at most resorts. You pay an exorbitant fee for this service. You will do better if you go into town and use a Government Banco service.

The Government exchange service in town, will give you the actual conversion rate in effect at the time you purchase the Peso’s. Remember, you can’t convert Peso’s back to US dollars unless you find a tourist just arriving and willing to buy them from you, so get only the amount you think you will use during your stay.

The places to stay away from are the same places you would avoid in Chicago, NY or LA. If it don’t look safe, or your stomach tells you to stay away, leave quickly. And above all, don’t try to purchase drugs, if you do, you will be lucky if getting robbed is all that happens to you.

Don’t try to bring back more alcohol or any drugs. Your luggage is searched twice, once in Mexico and again upon arrival in the US.

Places you must see are, Xel-Ha, a water park in a cove with just about every thing you could possibly want to do involving water, from swimming with ocean fish and Manatee’s (sea cows) to Zip Line, to river floating, to jumping off cliffs or swimming in caves. Once you enter, drinks and food are included in the entrance price. Plan on spending at least one entire day here.

Chichen Itza, (She Shan Eetza), Mayan ruins which also includes stopping on the way to swim in a Sinota (huge hole in the ground with an underground river). One whole day for this excursion.

Isla De Mujares, (Island of Women) for shopping, and the Sea Turtle preserve. Plan half a day for this trip.

It can be very tiring, so pace yourself and spend one day on an excursion, and one day sitting on the beach drinking Margarita’s to rest up.

Mark asks…

What you think of the Latin American countries good to visit beautiful women, pretty beaches?

Here in Latin America you find everything what a tourist looks for best beaches are in Mexicocancun” recognized anywhere in the world (you know it), the prettiest women are in Mexican Mexico and Brazil and the Brazilians move their hips like shakira until better than she, precious pyramids, and the first two lungs of the world the amazons and the tropical forests of Mexico.
I eat Latin I think that here about Latin America all we are very amiable and warm tropical countries here presonas specially in Mexico, if you know Latin America here hiras astonished to you at at the nature and the culture, customs, food and color of the countries, the question is if you know a country Latin, how they treated to you, what was what you like more, what place was, and that country, obien if you do not know cuel is the country that you would like to know I WOULD LIKE MANY OF THIS GREAT NATION MY MAIL IS thanks greetings to all

Tijuana answers:

I spent the best part of a year in Latin America so I don’t even know where to start telling you about where I went, how I was treated etc. We could be here a while!

During my trip I stayed in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico – and I had an unintentional overnight stay in Argentina. I found things to love in each of the countries and found those who welcomed me outnumbered those who were hostile (the most insulting thing was being called a gringa and it being assumed I was American – I’m British). I spoke no Spanish when I landed but I made a real effort to learn and communicate and in Brazil I found it hard to pick up Brasilian Portugese but found that if I used a combination of what I knew with slow clear Spanish I could make myself understood. People seemed to respect me more for trying to communicate and as I was backpacking for a year I stayed in budget hostels and ate at local restaurants, travelled on local buses and was fortunate enough to have various opportunities to spend quality time with locals (staying with local families, having dinner with locals etc). I could have spent a lot longer over my travels if I’d had more money as there was just so much more to do.

From wildlife in the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) unlike anything anywhere in the world; the magnificent Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru; Lake Titicaca in Bolivia; the Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile; Perito Merino glacier in Argentina; the incredible statues on Easter Island; the statuesque Angel Falls in Venezuela; the thrilling pace and rhythm of Brazil (both dancing and football!); the soul of Cuba; the beautiful jungle settings of Palenque and Chichen Itza in Mexico I spent a year in awe and wonder at the sights that indulged my senses.

Food was at its best in Mexico and in the Bahian region of Brasil; fresh juices in Brasil, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador; Cuban cigars; caipirinhas in Brasil; mojitos in Cuba; good Mexican beers.

Coral sand beaches in Venezuela and Mexican’s Caribbean coastlines. The high Andean backbone of Latin America at its most magnificent in Peru and Chile. The music. The people. I’m left with so many happy memories and so much longing to return to continue my adventure and explore further that Latin America shall forever be in my heart. Mucho gracias!

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