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Visit Mexico Cancun

Jenny asks…

Im travelling from Australia to America, Mexico and Cuba what do I need to arrange (visa ect) before I leave?

I am travelling from Australia to America (Las Vegas, LA, San Francisco, Texas), Mexico (Cancun) & Cuba (Havana) for the very first time next year and would really like some tips, tricks and ideas of what I need to do / arrange before travelling. I have been advised that I need to arrange visa’s to enter these countries so even the websites that I can organise this through would be handy. Any help appreciated. =)

Tijuana answers:

You will need to obtain your American visa prior to leaving Australia.

From your last point in the US, you can purchase an all-inclusive package to Cancun. Your visa will be provided either prior to or on the flight. Since there are no direct flights from the US to Havana (unless under special circumstances, which don’t apply to you), you can book either flight or flight/hotel to Havana (they do not have all-inclusive, just European plans) from Cancun. Again, your visa will be provided on the flight down. You do not need to visit any embassies, and you cannot arrange the visas prior to your trips.

Daniel asks…

Best place to visit in Mexico on the west coast of the country?

I’m looking for a place with really nice waters like Cancun/Yucatan area but my father said we can’t visit the eastern side of Mexico because of the hurricane season that is approaching.

We can go as south as we like, before hitting Guatemala… but we as long as we stick to the west coast, it’s okay.

Tijuana answers:

I have some news for your dad, There is a hurricane season on the west coast and BUD has already passed by Mazatlan.
Hurricane Pauline centerd south of Acapulco in 1996. There have been an equal number on the west coast.
The other poster needs to do his research..Official hurricane season is from May to December with most occuring in the latter part. Both hurricane Dean and Wilma were in September and October

There are also several Tropical Storms and when they start to Name them it is cause for concern.
Hurricane Kenna and Marty back in 2004. I sailed in to La Paz and there were boat masts sticking out of the water and they say some were completely sunk when Marty blew through.
There is a little more protection from the ocean in Acapulco and Puerto Escondido

This time of year is brutal for extreme tempeatures and humidity. I was afraid to go out or even open my patio doors. 110 degrees with humidex values.


Mary asks…

After filing for a K1 can my finace travel to see me in America?

I will be filing in February for the K1 for my finace in England. Can he come and visit me in America on the VWP for 3 months then go back to England and wait for his interview. Also if he can come here to see, can we also go on vacation to Mexico (Cancun). I have won a trip and would like him to come to the States and go with me. Is it ok as long has he goes back to England before the 90 days?

Tijuana answers:

Yes, he can travel to the US on the VWP for a short visit even though he plans to immigrate when the K1 is approved and can be issued. This is what we call “dual intent,” meaning that he intends to immigrate but for this trip, he is only visiting.

In fact, if asked by CBP he should tell the truth: he’s going to visit his fiancee for XX days, then return to England and finish his job, organize his stuff, and get ready to immigrate to the US in about six months.

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