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Visit Mexico Cancun

Helen asks…

How many times have you been on cruises?

1. How many times have you been on cruises?
(tell what ship and where to, please?)

I’ll tell you about my cruise experiences (lol)
1. Norwegian Dream to Mexico (Cancun and Cozumel)
2. Carnival Holiday to Mexico (Cozumel and I can’t remember the name of the other place!!!)

Tijuana answers:

I have been on 2 cruises.

1st cruise was in June 2006 on Carnival Valor…we went to the Cayaman islands, Belize, Isla Roatan (off the coast of Honduras), and Coasta Maya…there was 18 of us who went my mom’s side of the family and we did so many fun things…in Grand Cayman we went snorkeling and then swam with giant stingrays and even kissed them and then in Belize we went cave tubing, in Roatan we went zip lining (the most amazing experience of my life, you literally feel like you are flying if you get a chance to do it, DO IT!!) then after zip lining we went to the local orphanage and gave the children coloring book and other toys we brought with us and they all introduced themselves to us and thye were so greatful, it was amazing and in Costa Maya we had a relaxing day at the beach.

2nd cruise was in April 2007 on Carnival Glory..i went for my senior year of high school spring break with 7 of my friend and our moms. We went to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten.. In the bahamas we took a tour of the Atlantis Hotel, which is beautiful and then went to senor frogs and in St. Maarten we went para sailing and walked down a nude beach (all old men and old ladies though, kind of nasty! Haha but fun non the less), in St. Thomas we took a water taxi over to the island of St. John and we went to Trunk Bay (I am not kidding this beach is one that you see on postcards, it is the most beautiful place i have ever been, Google Trunk Bay if you have never seen it) and we spent the day there snorkeling and laying out on the beach.

I love going on cruises you meet awesome people and the staff is so friendly and welcoming and the food and entertainment is amazing as well as the places you visit

Daniel asks…

Can anyone suggest a good vacation spot in Mexico?

I am planning to go to Mexico in June for my vacation and I was thinking about Los Cabos. Can anyone suggest some other parts of Mexico. If so, may you please provide the hotel in which you stayed as well as the part of mexico you visited!

Anywhere except Cancun. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Ive been to mayan rivera twice before, i loved it

the first hotel i stayed at i didn’t like very much but last time i went in February me and a friend stayed at occidental grand caret. It was AMAZING! The hotel
rooms are very clean the beds are comfortable and the people working there are so friendly and nice!
The only down side is that the beach was small, and it got deep very quickly. Its very beautiful but for swimming in its not comparable at all. And they don’t have a HOT TUB! I was so mad the only place they do have it is in their spa i think its free but me and my friend had to sneak In case in case they would charge us 🙂

but over all honestly its probably the best 4 star hotel out there! If your really looking for more than that then go for a five star, its worth it!!

Good luck and have an amazing vacation!!!

Ps just message me if you want more info im happy to do it!!!

Sandy asks…

Where to stay for my honeymoon in Mexico?

I am thinking of going to Mexico Cancun or Riviera Maya for my honeymoon.
All I want is a luxurious romantic stay.
There is no budget as I want to make this a once in a lifetime experience!
Please help if you have any ideas to make my dream honeymoon come true!!
Thank you guys for the quick response. I really appreciate it!!
BTW, if there are any specific hotels you recommend, please let me know as well!!


Tijuana answers:

Playa Del Carmen is the largest town in the Riviera Maya, it’s quaint and full of nice shops, good restaurants and small bars. That being said, Cancun is not a Honeymoon spot in my opinion, it’s more about clubs and party nightlife. Playa or RM is the perfect spot it’s closer to all of the ruins and other areas that are fun to visit, like Xcaret and Xel-Ha, nice natural water parks. will give you some great guest reviews and information about the hotels and the area along with actual pictures taken by guest. Guest rate all of the hotels, it’s a quality site for vacation research. One of my friends stayed at the Royal Hideaway and came away very impressed!


Check out for things to do as well.

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