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Visit Mexico Cancun

Donna asks…

Where are good places to travel/holiday in Mexico?

I am planning a trip to Mexico this year but don’t know much about the place. I love to see and learn about different cultures as well as explore nature and all the sites it has to offer. I live in Australia so have to bypass LA as well. I am really looking forward to it but would love to hear people’s opinions of places they have been that might be off the beaten track.

Tijuana answers:

Normally you can divide the country into three categories, Pre hispanic archaeological cultural sites, like Aztec, Mayan many more. Or colonial cities which are located in the interior of the country, thirdly and most popular are the beach resorts all along the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean. I have visited 28 out of 31 states, visit a few times a year and really enjoy the entire country. I assume you don’t want to spend too much time on the beach, since you are from Australia and you have great beaches there. If you don’t have a specific area, then maybe it can be a combination of all three categories. One of the most beautiful areas of Mexico is the Yucatan Peninsula in the south, which has three states, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. All these states have a lot to offer in way of tourism and is the most visited area in Mexico! Lets take one state at a time, QR, you visit Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, awesome caribbean beaches, and ecological theme parks, xel ha, xcaret and xplor. In Yucatan, the jewel of Mexico, Chichen Itza, Mayan Pyramid, and one of the new 7th wonders of the world! About two hours from Cancun. Also, visit Merida, beautiful colonial city with a lot of culture, about two hours from Chichen Itza. Campeche is a walled city built on the beach to protect against pirates back in Spanish colonial times, only second walled city in Latin america, other one is in Cartagena. Colombia. All three states and attractions I have pointed out are very touristy and easy to travel and above all these areas a safe to travel. I would suggest you look these place up on YouTube. There are many videos there from all these places and more places I have not mentioned, but are worth visiting. My advice is fly from L.A. To Cancun, from there you can travel easily to all the places I mention. Check out

Maria asks…

What’s a good villa/hotel in Cancun for a group of 8?

My friends and I will be visiting Cancun in June. We are trying to find the best deal for our group. Wether it be a hotel or villa. We would prefer a villa for the whole group. Anyone know any good places? Thankyou.

Tijuana answers:

Check out Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO) for that area:

George asks…

How are the Ladies in Cancun?

I am looking forward to a trip to Cancun Mexico. I have been locked up in the desert for 14 months.What should I expect from the locals ladies as well as those visiting from the US and other countries? Are they their for the money or a good time. Are there brothels, etc. Good places for massages. I need a good time after hearing bombs, chasing terrorist and defending thie country, so I am just looking to enjoy myself for three days. I have earned it. I have no wife, no girlfriend.

Tijuana answers:

You will have better luck with your fellow tourists… The local ladies are nice, most come from diff parts of mexico to work in cancun or they are the children of those workers, cancun is a very new city. There are brothels, strip clubs…cant say i have seen massage palors…but im sure they are there.but they are located in seedier parts of cuidad cancun, not the hotel zone, in fact its on the opposite side of town and speaking spanish is a must. Once in cancun city, if you can find an english speaking cabbie he cant point you in the right direction. A word of warning…even if you speak passable spanish and are hispanic, you are not mexican and a possible target. The few bucks you have in your pocket might mean survival for a local down on his luck. As a tourist, you are rich to them… Finding a working girl in the tourist zone would run into big money…and it could be a scam or run by the police to squeeze money out of you. Cancun isnt that bad and it is rare but it does happen.

From time to time id run into local ladies on the beach, usually mid morning…some nice, some just looking for rich tourists. You can meet local girls and tourists in the clubs… I think youll have better luck with the tourists though…with a really nice mexican woman, youd have to be properly introduced to…and put time into it…and maybe meet her folks…lol

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