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Visit Mexico Cancun

Susan asks…

Is Mexico a dangerous place for college students to go on spring break?

Next spring break, a few friends and myself wants to go to Cancun for our spring break. We will all be 20 years old next year. My parents are very concerned about me going alone with just friends. If we plan on just staying in the resort the whole time, should we be fine?

Tijuana answers:

There is a huge debate of the safety of Mexico but overall, it is safe. Like any city you visit throughout the world, if you keep your street smarts, you will be just fine. Due to the drug violence here, a lot of people think that it is everywhere in Mexico. That is far from the truth. I invite you to read the article I recently wrote regarding safety in Mexico. All conclusions based on studies done by San Diego University.


Happy and Safe Travels!


David asks…

Visiting Mexico?

Visiting mexico is fun? Did you like it? How is the nigth life there? Is there a lot of girls you can date or pay just for having fun?

Tijuana answers:

Visiting mexico is fun??… Depend what city you arrive… Is not same visit acapulco.. Like morelia.. Mexico its a big country with different things to do in all concepts.

The bes tourist places with the best night life , bars, contest. Lot of girls and the best things to do is acapulco, cancun , puerto vallarta and los cabos

in the center of the country have a lot of towns with different things to do, like colonial places, industrial towns and easy life..if you want fun, i recommend this beach places.

Paul asks…

Planing to visit Mexico:?

I wanted to ask if there was an ideal place to go in Mexico where it might be safer them most
any suggestions?
Can you please only answer this question if you are from there or if you have visited Mexico thanks
Please no hateful answers

Tijuana answers:

Yes Dear Mexico is very nice and beautiful place. Mexico has a fine blend of the traditional and modern day life and offers its tourist with beautiful architectural geniuses and diverse geographical wonders. One can have a new lease at the pristine beaches of Riviera Maya or the beauty of best sight-seeing and tourist destinations in Mexico include such as Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Mazatlan and the thumping nightlife of Cancun.


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