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Visit Mexico Cancun

Mandy asks…

when is the best time to visit cancun in mexico?

me and a group of friends are thinking of going but are unsure as to when the best time is?

Tijuana answers:

The summer is hot, but prices are cheaper. It is lovely in December, but that is the most expensive time. Spring break is crazy with college students. If you are young and like to party, that might be a fun time. If you want a quieter vacation, try thr fall. I believe the high season begins in November, so October might be a good time togo. It won’t be as hot as midsummer, but you won’t be paying the highest prices either.

On a related note, there are some beautiful places to stay south of cancun that aren’t quite as crazy and touristy. Playa Del carmen is a nice little city about 30-40 minutes south of cancun. Great little restaurants and shopping with some night life, but way more mellow. If you really want to get away and have more of a tropical paradise-type vacation, Akumal is a little farther south of Playa and is a lovely little place with the most amazing palm tree covered beach. There are hotels and little condos for rent there at reasonable prices.

A last recommendation is Casa Cenote – a small restaurant and condo relatal place on its own remote little cove. Check it out at: Even if you don’t stay there, it is a cool place to spend an afternoon eating nachos and having drinks on the beach.


Chris asks…

Is Cancun Mexico safe to visit during Spring Break 2011?

This is our first trip to cancun and i’m hearing a lot of negative stories and i’m debating whether to cancel my trip or not…. HELP!!!! Has anyone been to cancun lately?

Tijuana answers:

My wife and I were there for two weeks this last November, and December. We frequently take day tours out of our resort, and have done so without any problems. The only tragic thing we heard about was a resort having an explosion due to a ruptured propane line. All the rumours you hear about on the news, and here on the answers page are just that. Cancun is a safe place to visit. As soon as a place in Mexico is mentioned that violence has occurred, all of Mexico becomes a dangerous place. I guess the US should be classified as a dangerous place to visit when someone in Chicago gets murdered.

Like anywhere, people do get into trouble. Usually from drinking to much, or like a Canadian cop on holidays trying to take a picture of a Hells Angel gang member in a bar. Not a bright idea. He was beat up for that mistake.

The resorts have lots of security, and are very careful who they let through the gates. There have been no kidnappings of tourists, decapitations, or their hearts cut out. I can’t remember some of the other BS i’ve read here, but we came back home in one piece, and are planning our next holiday in the Mayan Riviera.

Charles asks…

Is Cancun, Mexico tourist safe?

Might be going there in a couple of months but keep hearing about the drug war deaths.
I just want to know if they would target tourists for ‘easy money’ or whatever.


Tijuana answers:

I have visited Mexico and I live just south of Cancun for the past 11 years.So I think I qualify for your answer. You are completely safe from the “drug wars” This is happening between the cartels and the federal police,military, and the local police. Not one tourist in Cancun has been involved in this action.Yes there can be the exceptional crime against a tourist but only if you let your guard down wonder off in the wrong direction looking for something illegal.The tourist zones are highly protected and you have absolutely nothing to worry about except to take care of your valuables from petty theft. Many things are lost down here but remember nothing is ever found! LOL Got another question ask me or contact me.

¡¡ Hola y Bienvenidos a Mexico!!

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