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Visit Mexico Cancun

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know which is the best and less expensive place for vegetarian food?

We are planning to visit Cancun, Mexico after 2 weeks so please suggest some good and cheap places for vegetarian food (Strictly Veggie). We are staying at Hyatt, Cancun Quintana Roo, if this helps you. And other info also welcome for first time Cancun visitors like shopping, any cheap places to shop from, other places to visit etc. We are not alcoholic persons. And we are visiting from NY.

Tijuana answers:

Greetings from sunny Cancun!

Most restaurants offer a veggie dish or two.

There are several locations of 100% Natural downtown and the Hotel Zone and 2- Indian resturants (both downtown).

Taj Mahal (998-887-6758)
Narinder Singh Kang (998-880-8716)

For all type of tours my friends and family use:

WARNING: At the airport…the people being so friendly and offering you free gifts and tours…they want to sell you “Time Share.” Please just say “no, gracias” and walk on…and don’t look back.

Hope this helps! Have a great vacation!

James asks…

Which are the most interesting tourist destinations in Mexico?

The vibrant, beautiful or culturally rich destinations…apart from Mexico City and Cancun.
What makes these places special?

Also, what is the optimum time of year to visit Mexico? I am thinking of visiting in October and November of next year – is this a good time?

Tijuana answers:

-the mexican state of Chiapas is located to the southeast of Mexico and has a lot of tourist atracttions like the huge cliffs of the Sumidero´s canyon, the highest in America, where you can anjoy of a ride trough the Grijalva river, also many arqueological sites of the mayan culture and ancient sourvenirs, it´s a quiet place for resting and visiting.


-Jalisco and it´s capital Guadalajara are another nice destiny, Jalisco is the state where the tequila is made, “Tequila”;the town with the same name is a nice place where you can get enjoy of a tour visit to the factory and see how the tequila is elaborated, Guadalajara is also the capital of the mariachi and it´s a stae full of mexican folcklore.


-Guanajuato state is another colonial place full of old arquitecture and many national folkclore, also many museums, specially caves whre you´ll se old mummies.

-Michoacan is a state with many options, pretty luxury resorts in the pacific coast, and inside in the mounains you can visit the forest where the monarch butterfly come to pass the winter, also a different kind of folcklore

Maria asks…

How much would things like cabs and busses cost in mexico?

Thinking about visiting cancun this summer . How much would things like a cab or bus cost ?

Tijuana answers:

Where I live in Veracruz, cabs are very cheap…15 pesos anywhere in my town. About 20 pesos in the large city nearby…that is less than $2.00usd. In Cancun, since it is a tourist place, probably more. Buses here cost from 6 to 10 pesos…again, more in Cancun.

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