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Visit Mexico City

Laura asks…

What has become of the Olympic Stadium and surrounding complex in Mexico City, site of the 1968 Olympics?

I was just wondering if anyone has visited or lives in Mexico City and knows what has become of the olympic stadium there. Is it still functioning as a sports complex for soccer and other games or is it abandoned and run down?

Tijuana answers:

The Olimpic Village is a housing complex, since early ’69, right after the Olympics you could go and visit the place, run at the practice track, eat at the commons and visit the rooms.
Now families live there, the training facilities are a sporting club where anybody can join for a very unexpensive fee and you do have the track, swimming pool, gym, etc

The Olympic Stadium was built in the 50’s to be the sport stadium of the National University and became the site of the track and field events, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

The National University profesional soccer team, the Pumas (cougars) play there on the 2 local tournaments and all their international matches, also the American Football team of the University plays there, so all the facilities exist and they are widely used, the Olympic pool, the Sports Palace, the Olympic Gym, etc

And some venues were adapted for the games, like Gymnastics were held at the National Auditorium, which holds concerts all year round, and stuff like that.

Does that answer your question? Hope it does

William asks…

What steps can a person take to ease the culture shock of a friend coming from a city of 20 million to a town?

of 20,000 to visit. From Mexico City to a small town in rural Nebraska?

Tijuana answers:

You don’t have to do anything. Probably your friend has been in small towns before, she must know what to expect, if she doesn’t, I’m sure she’ll forget everything when she sees all those wagons pulled by horses 😀

John asks…

My white American teenager son wants to visit friends in Mexico City. Is it safe?

His friends live in a safe area with their parents and grandparents. He visited a couple years ago for nearly a month. Then the violence in Juarez really escalated and I’ve read a few reports about Mexico City as well. They’ve assured me that he’d be safe and they’re cautious however these are young guys (late teens, early 20s) and will no doubt want to go out to clubs, etc. He speaks fair Spanish, not totally fluent. His friends are begging him to come and visit in June for two weeks. What do you think, is it safe?
I’m not saying it’s important he’s white. Just laying out the facts. I also said he’s a teenager, he’s male, and he’s American.

Tijuana answers:

He should be fine.

And being white really does not have anything to do with it.
There are many Mexicans in mexico city that are basically white, so your son won’t stick out.

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