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Visit Mexico City

Robert asks…

I will be going to Mexico City where is nice to visit outside the city and why??

I will be visiting Mexico city and want to know of a good place to visit outside the city. I have been to D.F. before and have been to Puebla, Vera Cruz, and Acapulco. I want to know of another good place to visit besides these places and why?? Please nothing over a 6 hour bus ride. Please help me out thank you =)

Tijuana answers:

Many places. There’s:

Popocateptl national park in Puebla
-legendary place of the sleeping woman and the smoking old man.

-floating party boats with mariachi’s serenading as they pass.

-amusment park

You should visit Guanajuto, GTO too. The city is so historic and there’s historic tunnels where people used to live, lots of churches, The mummies (they’re like the capuchin mummies, but they formed naturally). Theres also the fortress called “La alhondiga” where they hung the heads of revolutionaries in the the 1800’s.

My family is near GTO in the state of Jalisco and I’ve been to DF many times.

David asks…

I am a citizen of India working in US with H1 visa valid till 2013. Do I need visitor visa to enter Mexico?

I want to visit Mexico city for 2 days.

Tijuana answers:

SSP Bowl is right you only need to show the Visa for the US and your Indian the Passport when departing and again when leaving Mexico for the US
See the last paragraph on the page below.

Jenny asks…

Where are the best places to visit in Mexico City?

I will be going to Mexico City to meet my girlfriend, what cool things can I do with her while I’m there? (apart from getting drunk)

Thanks guys.

Tijuana answers:

It depends on what you are most interested in; there is A LOT to see in Mexico City! It has the largest amount of museums and art galleries than any city in the world. If you like art, there’s the Palacio de Bellas Artes (fine arts) as well as the modern art Museum. Of course, there’s also Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s Blue House, which is just around the corner from Leon Trotsky’s house. There’s the Dolores Olmeda Patino gallery, which features a collection of Frida Kahlo’s work. There’s the National Museum of Anthropology. There’s Chapultepec Castle as well as Chapultepec Park/Zoo. There’s the Pyramids of Teotihuacan and the Shrine of Guadalupe. And of course there the Zocalo and the National Palace.

And that is just scratching the surface.

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