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Visit Mexico City

Donna asks…

What type of reception/ceremony was held for a new viceroy 17th-century Mexico City?

I have to write an essay pretending I am a traveler visiting 17th-century Mexico City. It entails witnessing and writing about the city‘s reception of a new Viceroy, and how it ties into the culture social structure, and role of religious and royal power.

I cannot find this information anywhere!.. Does anyone have any information to share?

Tijuana answers:

A good source for finding such information would be to read ‘A History of Latin America’ by Peter Bakewell. You can find a lot of information by reading chapters 11 and 12. Best of Luck on your essay. 😉

Jenny asks…

I am traveling to Mexico City, What is there for me and my family to do?

I am going to Mexico City in October with my wife and 2 year old. I will be there for four days. What attractions, or places can I visit?

Tijuana answers:

First of all, you should know Teotihuacan is not Aztec but a culture of its own.

Now, I’m Mexican, I’ll gladly tell you.

First of all, you should visit the “Museo Nacional de Antropología e Historia” it is on Reforma Avenue, near Chapultepec’s Castle. By the way you should visit this one too. At museum you can see about Aztecs, Mayans and other Mexican cultures.

Also, you have to take a visit to the “Zocalo”. Downtown. There you can see the Cathedral. While being before the entrance, if you go to the right, you’ll found the most important Aztec pyramid “El Templo Mayor”. There you will find the “Templo Mayor Museum”. Just try not getting too far behind it, because it is “Tepito”. One of the most dangerous zones.
If you get off the subway station called “Bellas Artes” You’ll find there “Bellas Artes Palace”.
You can go to the SEARS right in front of the “Palace” and take the elevator up to the eight floor. From there, walk to the little coffe restaurant, and take a sit.

Oh! And I’ve already mentioned Chapultepec Park. There you can pay a visit to the zoo, it’s quite beautiful.

There are a lot of things to see in Mexico City. Yet, I must warn you too. Imagine Mexico City as a chart, as a square. The hole city might be pelirous, but the safest part is the south-west, that is the third square of the chart. You can go downtown, it is relatively safe. Just be careful.

Donald asks…

What things would I need to pack if I were goin to be traveling to Mexico City all the way to Oaxaca Mexico?

I’m planning a trip to Mexico City, Puebla , and Oaxaca Mexico! Please tell me in every little detail what I should take and clothing and shoes I should wear. What other things should I never have out in public. Things I should keep put away out of sight.

Tijuana answers:

I am glad you are coming and visiting those cities. It is downright cold at nite and very cool in the daytime in Mexico City and Puebla now…in the winter. Bring sweaters and jackets. It will me much warmer in Oaxaca…so bring summer things to. There is no way anyone can tell you in great detain exactly what clothes to bring. That is your decision and responsibility. We can tell you it will be cold in some places and hot in others, so bring a variety. Why are you so paranoid about not have things ‘out in public? It is never wise when traveling anywhere to wear a lot of expensive jewelry or flash a lot of money. Otherwise, I can’t think of anything you cannot have “out in public.” Believe me there are plenty of Mexicans richer than you who wear designer clothes and expensive jewelry. There are plenty of Americans all over Mexico, too. Stop obsessing about “every little detail ‘ of what you should wear. Bring comfortable clothes, good walking shoes, a variety of summer and heavier clothes, sweater, jacket.

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