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Visit Mexico City

Nancy asks…

Has Mexico City lost its place as largest City in the world?

I’m doing this research paper on a randomly selected city I was given Mexico City so i need to state facts. The books I have say it is the biggest city in the world. And the 2nd most populated city in the world. They were published in 1994, and websites I’m visiting have different cities as the biggest; Tokio, New York, and ect. So do you guys know for sure?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico City has been and still is the largest in north america.

Mandy asks…

What is the best way to get to La Isla De Las Munecas from Mexico city?

I’m staying in Mexico City and would like to visit La Isla De Las Munecas (Island of Dolls) but don’t know how to get there. What is the best way to get there?

Tijuana answers:

Take the Mexico City Metro Line 2. At Tasqueña it links with the Mexico City Light Rail which will take you to Xochimilco. Have a boatman take you to the island:

Ruth asks…

Bus travel from Mexico city to Guanajuato?

I’m visiting Mexico City this October.
How can I get to Guanajuato by bus?
Which bus lines is better? (comfortable)
Also is it possible to book bus tickets on the internet?
Any useful sites on bus travel in Mexico?

Thank you so much for your help!

Tijuana answers:

There will be many buses leaving Mexico City for Guanajuato every day. All the bus lines are excellent….clean, comfortable. Prices are always within a few cents of each other. Yes , you can buy tickets on line, but sometimes schedules , or plans change. Also, they do not put schedules on line till about 2 to 3 weeks beforehand… It would really be easier to wait till you are in Mexico City to buy a ticket . ETN and Omnibus are lines that do that trip, but the web pages do not function…this is common with bus company sites. The bus system and the buses are excellent, but only a couple of companies have dependable websites…and those are not ones covering the area you need a bus for. Remember there are 4 big bus stations in Mexico City. Buses going to Guanajuato are most likely going to leave from the TAPO or POINIENTE stations. Get a Mexican friend to help you buy the ticket, or ask at your hotel for help.

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