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Visit Mexico City

Chris asks…

How many US dollars should I take to Mexico?

I’m going to visit a friend in Mexico City in January. He told me I’d be ok with about 200 dollars, does that sound right or would I need more? I’m only going for a week, at the most.

Tijuana answers:

Totally depends on you. I can burn through $200 in a few minutes….or I can stretch it a week with some serious heartache and sacrifice involved.

If you’re STAYING with friends and mooching food off them, $200 might be fine…after all, you can ride the Metro around town for about a dime and a chilly brewski in a bar generally costs no more than $1-2.

On the other hand, one dinner with a lovely chilanga at the incomparable Izote over in Polanco and I’ve TOTALLY blown that $200…plus some!

Charles asks…

What is a good month & date to fly to Mexico City?

My husband and our eight year old son is planning on going to Mexico City to visit with his family, that I haven’t met yet. And when is a good time to travel?

Tijuana answers:

Watch the video below.

Linda asks…

From the United States, Is it safe to ride Greyhound Bus Lines to Mexico City, Mexico?

Hi! My boyfriend lives in DF. I am going down to visit him either in late December between Christmas and New Years or the second week of January 2011. It appears no matter how I manipulate the given dates, between the plane and the bus to Mexico, the bus looks cheaper. I would be traveling from Charlotte, North Carolina. Has anyone traveled to Mexico City from the United States and had any safety problems on Greyhound before? Any experiences, insights, or opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Hey gringo, donde vas. I’d fly, do your best avoid the public, less time you have to keep an eye on your luiggage and yourself.

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