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Visit Mexico Commercial

Carol asks…

What are some good National Parks in the Rocky Mountain (Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico) area?

My family is taking a vacation this summer to the Rocky Mountain area. We have already decided to visit Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. We ruled out Mount Rushmore and Death Valley. Thanks in advance!

Tijuana answers:

Mesa Verde in SW Colorado is amazing! Beautiful scenery and lots of Anasazi ruins…some of them you can hike around in. If you go there, you must see Cliff Palace and Balcony house.

Along those same lines (old Indian ruins), Chaco Canyon (near Cuba, NM) is really cool, as is Bandelier (near Los Alamos, NM).

Tent Rocks just south of Santa Fe, NM is awsome.

Canyon de Chelly in NE Arizona is gorgeous–home of Spider Woman Rock (you’d recognize it from Jeep commercials).

What about Zion National Park in Utah?

When you go to Vegas, make sure to check out Hoover Dam…it’s unbelievable.

Those are some of my favorites. Enjoy your trip!

Helen asks…

Can a canadian citizen visit Cuba then visit the USA?

I am a canadian citizen and I want to go on a 7-day holiday getaway to Cuba (because it has reasonable prices and whatnot) But then when I get back to Canada I want to go visit my dad who lives in the US. I know the USA and Cuba don’t get along and US citizens aren’t allowed entrance/ or have penalties if they travel to Cuba. I was wondering if they would let me (a canadian citizen) enter the US if I have traveled to Cuba.

Tijuana answers:

If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident and/or don’t reside in the United States, you should have no problem travelling between US and Cuba.

US laws ban “US persons” (citizens, PRs, residents or companies registered in the US) from entering/spending money in Cuba, but this ban does not apply to foreign visitors to the US.

Note that flights between US and Cuba are severely limited – no commercial airlines are allowed to operate between the two countries.

So a bigger problem for you may actually be finding a flight to take you from Cuba to the US or vice versa (you may have to travel through Mexico or return back to Canada first).

Robert asks…

Is it legal to get dental work done in Mexico?

I’m going to get braces done in Mexico and since the boder patrol always asks you why you came to Mexico I was wondering if it would be safe and legal to tell him that I come down to Mexico to tighten my braces every month.


Tijuana answers:

Tyler, there are websites, organizations, television commercials and billboards advertising medical and dental treatment in Mexico to US residents.

Of course it is legal! You can tell the border agents the truth about any legal purpose for your visit. To see your doctor, to go shopping, to visit relatives, to get a suntan… Whatever! Actually, honesty is always the best answer. If for any reason they ever have reason to check your answer, you will never be caught in a deception.

Congratulations on getting your braces for under half the cost in the US!

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