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Visit Mexico Commercial

Thomas asks…

Should we believe those who claim Aliens have been visiting our planet?

I’ve watched many disclosure projects. Defense Secretary, Generals, Governor, astronauts, pilots claim that the Aliens have been visiting us for a while. Countries like France, Belgium, Mexico and more have officially confirmed their existence.(National Press Club UFO Disclosure)
Those people are real and known to the world. So I keep asking myself, are they saying the truth? Should we trust them? We can’t just shrug and say “arrgg bollocks!”

Tijuana answers:

If you use rational thinking and common sense giving what we already know about our planet is yes… Aliens are real because we are living on a planet which kinda proves that planets can support life. And for the most part we as a whole are trained to not believe through movies, the media, and the government .which are all corrupt as hell…the truth is, when people tell you area 51 isn’t true, and that aliens don’t exist, eye witnesses are wrong, and that abductees are crazy.. Ask them how do they know? Are they the ones that don’t believe because they are trained to think that way? Probably yes. People are easy to manipulate.. Look at tv commercials and product adds.. Make you want to bye the stuff their selling don’t it…just like the government and news, religion keeps alot of people from denying it. Just think, how is it imposable for a race a million years more advanced than us to travel through space? Its not… We have only tapped the tip of what science can do. Plus, you know that the sumerians and mayans wrote about these travelers long before the bible? And that alot of stuff in the bible was ripped off of Sumerian text that was thousands of years before the bible, but only the things they wanted to add in. The truth is out there, but most are so stuck in this form of living now days with greed, material items, and this “war on terror” that they just close there eyes and look the other way. Do your own research, and learn about the things you want to, and never let others tell you what is real and that you think to much.. Because they are the ones that don’t think…..

Steven asks…

I will be going to Cozemel in March on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship. What sights should I be sure to see?

I have never been to Mexico and would like to be sure to see something other than commercial tourist traps.
Would like to do a bit of shopping and some site seeing and a trip to the beach. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

When you dock, head to the downtown area. In Cozumel, most cruise ships dock on Wednesdays, so you won’t have too much weekend crowding. Once downtown, you can rent cars for about 30-40$ US (300-400 pesos) a day. Then from there, I would recommend the drive around the Island. There are several places where you can stop and snorkel, relax at the beach, and eat good food. The whole drive is about 45 minutes. Another great thing to do is visit Parque Chankanaab, a park where you can snorkel, visit various animal exhibits, relax at the beach, and all sorts of other stuff. Although it is very touristy, there are some great experiences there. You can swim with dolphins (in a docked off section of the ocean), and swim with sea lions. These experiences can be booked as part of a package, and generally need to be reserved in advance. When you return to downtown, there are some great local shops where you can buy some authentic Mexican items.

Linda asks…

Can States prohibit travelers from another State?

For instance, can Texas prohibit citizens from New Mexico from visiting their state? And if they can’t, can they limit the time allowed to visit only 24 hours?

Tijuana answers:

Not private citizens. They do require out of state commercial vehicles be properly licensed to operate in their state. And could legally prohibit certain commodities from entering the state.

They also require private citizens traveling in their state, abide by Texas law, not their states law. For example if a citizen from another state is not required to carry auto insurance in their state, and Texas does, they would be required to carry it while driving in Texas.

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