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Visit Mexico Commercial

Mark asks…

Can I enter the USA from Mexico as a British citizen?

Can I use the Visa Waiver Program to visit the USA from Mexico by land as opposed to entering the USA by air?
Thanks guys this answers my questions in full, thanks also for the heads-up about not being able to re-enter the USA too soon after the initial 90 days 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Don’t listen to the Immigration Lawyer. Especially don’t make use of the information of a commercial website which is offered for $ 49.50, although it can be obtained free of charge from the U.S. Government website: ..
An ESTA is only required for entering the United States by air travel or on a transatlantic cruise.
For crossing the land border from Canada or Mexico into the United States it is not required.
Https:// ..
You will need to get an Arrival/Departure Record Form I-94W which must be filled and presented to the U.S. Immigration officer together with a Customs Declaration Form 6059B. It will involve a fee of $ 6.00 ..
All passports issued by the United Kingdom to British citizen since 1988 meet the current requirements of the U.S. Visa Waiver Program..

Ruth asks…

Why do Canadians usually travel to Mexico, while Americans prefer the Caribbean?

I’m writing a feature article and I would appreciate any further information about why this trend occurs. So far, I have gathered that Americans prefer the Caribbean because some of the countries (i.e., Puerto Rico) are territories of the United States. I would appreciate any additional information. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

It’s because 80% of Americans don’t have a passport, since many Caribbean countries are part of US territory, they don’t need or require a passport to enter.

As for Canadians choosing to travel to Mexico, it’s not just Canadians. All of us young foreign global tourist from all over the world are all totally bypassing the USA as a tourist destination.

Because there is absolutely nothing for 18-21 year old foreign tourists in the USA, for us to come and spend our tourist dollars. Being once we arrive and land in the USA, we immediately loose all of our legal adult rights and freedoms. Due to the out dated drinking laws in the USA, and since there whole society closing down on a Sunday. It limits access for all foreign tourist to visit many of your retail business’s, and company’s to spend our tourist dollars.

When in our own countries, or in all other foreign country’s at 18, we can legally drink, go to pubs and bars, nightclubs, casinos and alcohol serving venues, restaurants, cafes etc. And all retail and business are open seven days a week or 24/7.

Demographically think about it, what is there in the USA for an 18-21 adult foreign tourist to entice or want to come to the USA and become a repeat tourist to the USA. Outside the USA we all get very high disposable incomes and six weeks annual leave, not two weeks. We don’t need or want to go to the USA to go to Disneyland or there tourist traps like Knotts Berry Farm or movie studios anymore. We can go to Disneyland in Paris, or to Universal, Warner Brothers and Fox film studios in Australia. Legally buy a beer in a bar or pub, go night clubbing or to any casino, shop 24/7 and not loose our adult rights and freedoms.

This is why Disneyland’s in the USA are loosing business and cutting back and firing staff. Same with many other tourist, hospitality, travel, tour, hotel, motel, b+b and retail business’s in the USA. By remaining with these laws has made the USA globally uncompetitive in tourism, and not training young American staff in hospitality, fine cuisine and bar service. Than only seeing persons over 30 in these jobs,serving military mess style meals with a fork, and/or paper and foil packaged meals in restaurants. You never see elderly hospitality staff or receive food like this in restaurants outside the USA.

Which is honestly loosing thousands of billions of tourist dollars of needed repeated tourism, in the USA. And opportunity’s to create employment for young American school leavers and keep there tourist, hospitality, travel, accommodation, restaurant and retail business’s and company’s open in there country.

Here in Australia they are currently running California tourist commercials on television, with Betty White and many other American actors, to get us Australian to come back to visit there state and spend our tourist dollars again. Other US states should be doing this also too, looking at ways to get tourism back in there state. As a writer you should include a few of these facts of why foreign tourists are bypassing the USA and are choosing Canada or Mexico as Northern American tourist destinations.

Daniel asks…

Fellow Angelenos, what do you think about the out-of-state property ownership?

I’ve seen these commercials featuring Erik Estrada on television every weekend, offering a free weekend trip for two to see these “amazing” homesites in New Mexico, Washington, Texas and Arkansas. Has “Ponch” turned his back on the City of Angels? Would you go for the offer? What do you think?

Tijuana answers:

The infomercials you refer to are for “planned retirement / recreational communities”. They offer a bare lot upon which the buyer must construct a home that meets the estates codes and covenants. To participate in all the mentioned benefits the owner must join the country club or some other membership program. Some people like living under those conditions, some don’t. If you take the “free” offered visit you must agree to attend a high pressure sales pitch. As to Mr Estrada, there are considerably more actors than acting work, he is simply playing a role, he doesn’t actually live in any of those places.

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