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Visit Mexico Df

Carol asks…

Trip advice for Mexico, around Mexico City area (but certainly not limited to)?

So my roommate and I are planning a trip to Mexico for 2 weeks in February. We are both students and therefore have limited funds.

We have found cheap flights and even have a contact in Pachuca that we can bunk with. So the major stuff is covered but I was hoping to get some ideas from people that have been as to cheap ways to travel within the country and even if you know of any good places/things to check out that would be a good deal. Even if it is something that might be pricey but is well worth it I wanna know!


Tijuana answers:

There are tons of activities in Mexico city, check out for concerts, expos and free events. Tickets for concerts are not as expensive as in the US.

Do not miss Teotihuacan, very cheap entrance and one of the most impresive pyramids in Mexico are there. It’s about half an hour from Mexico city. They were not built by the aztecs, they found them there abandoned when they arrived at Mexico city valley, nobody knows who built them and why they were abandoned.

Also if you are heading towards Pachuca visit the beautiful San Miguel Regla hacienda and the prismas basálticos, here’s the web page:

Ask at your hotel for a phone number for taxis and they can certainly call one for you at the front desk on your way out.

If you decide to travel around Tlaxcala, Puebla and Cuernavaca are nearby and all of them are nice cities. Move around in ADO buses, cheap, clean and safe. Check out prices, ride time and schedules on this page:

Maria asks…

Have you gone to Mexico D.F?

Tijuana answers:


MEXICO DF is the city with more museums in the world,, it’s too contaminated right 🙂
but there are so many interentings places to visit

Lizzie asks…

From Houston Texas to Mexico City?

I am planning to travel from Houston Texas to Mexico city by car.
I have traveled there several times by plane but never by car.
I understand the situation in Mexico is dire with the cartel and other things that could go wrong so is there a threat in some of these routes? I am visiting my step dad any information can help please thank you.

Tijuana answers:

Charlie made a couple of good points. There is No plate circulation on Sunday in Mexico city. I know a couple that were fined $500.00USDA and still are Not sure why.
It is over at 9pm as I recall and you are good till 6am. I heard that all foreign and local plates are subject to the same policies. All in an effort to curb air pollution and ease traffic.
If you leave Laredo real early after getting your permits you can make the N Caseta of Mexico city in 11 hours.
I always moved on a Saturday night and Sunday and never had a problem.

Flying is more practical and economical and Safer these days.
As you know Houston is an important Hub and there are numerous cheap flights to DF

If you know someone in Dallas there is an overnight for $132.00 usd = to a tank of gas and the permits

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