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Visit Mexico Df

Donna asks…

Tell me about life in Mexico City. Ok?

Hola, guys I need some more help now. I move my whole life to DF and only 11 days to go 🙂 so you can days are so crazy now!
I am already packing and I need your tips and tricks about life in Mexico City. Please try to be as much detailed as you can, I appreciate your help very much! Thank you 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Oh, hello!
Well, Mexico City isn’t as dangerous as some people say. There’s a lot of modern cool places where you can have fun: discotheques, malls, museums, parks, etc.
If you’re coming I recommend you to visit Zona Rosa (Pink Zone) and Centro Histórico (historical Centre), there’s a lot of cool places where you can have fun. Be sure of carrying a lot of money… (preferably Mexican pesos).

And, about life… Hmm… Well, it’s very interesting. You’ll see that everything is as normal as many foreign cities. You’ll occasionally find traffic, some parties at night (even the people who make the parties closes some streets), some processions around the streets; but nothing dangerous.

Places you can visit in Mexico City: National History Museum, Anthropology National Museum, Chapultepec Forest, Six Flags Mexico, Frida Kahlo Museum, Xochimilco canals; and lots of other interesting places!

Curious facts: here the operators at gas stations supply your car with combustible, unlike other countries (where you’ve gotta do it by yourself).
You’ll find a lot of street dogs strolling around.
There are some men at squares that polish your shoes for 10 pesos (i think).
There’s a lot of piracy. Never buy those things.

Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Anyone here living in Mexico specifically Guadalajara or d.f?

Any pointers about living life over there? Anything would help. Thanks for your time.

Tijuana answers:

I can’t be much use when it comes to Guadalajara ive been there a few times but only when I was little

BUT I HAVE been to el DF…And to give you an idea here are a few sayings I learned as a padawan amongst them

“Cuidado con las carteras”
“Te roban los calcetines sin quitarte los zapatos”
“Les puedes ver la cara pero no las manos”
“Cuidado con las carteras hay viene el chilango”

so pretty much you will be robbed and not even know it.
I haven’t had a bad experience but on my visit my cousin had a cool experience with a girl…when we were walking to find a place to eat all of a sudden a girl came up to him and kissed him and told him “he was cute” and then she left. Then when he was going to pay for his food for some odd reason he couldn’t find his wallet 😛 HMM… GO FIGURE?!

Funny experience too bad I had to pay for everything 😛
So don’t stand out don’t make it look like your filled up in the bank and you should be fine. Also don’t get into any confrontations some people are already bitc&y

Susan asks…

Moving to Mexico City … and scared to death… ?

My family is originally from Mexico City and even though I have visited many many times, I have never really lived there and have no real grasp of what is like to work there, salaries, living expenses, etc. For reasons beyond my control I have to move back with my family at the end of this year (aka. Nov-Dec) and I’m scared to death of what I may find in regards to job / living situation / etc.

Everyone tells me I should be ok, since in Mexico companies are “malinchistas” and would definitely hire a perfectly bilingual, Ivy League educated individual. Ok, fair enough. But they also tell me that salaries are laughable and I have been quoted ridiculous sums as low as $700 dlls per month for a director level position at an advertising / media agency (my industry). As you can imagine, I am very fearful of finding myself in a situation where I’m working for peanuts and not being able to pay rent for a decent apartment, gym, etc (things that seem more of a luxury than a necessity here).

I apologize if I sound too ignorant, but the truth is that when it comes to living in DF, I haven’t the slightest clue.

I would very much appreciate it if anyone could clue me into what the job market is really like, what salary I could expect given my good credentials and 3 years of solid experience working in advertising in NYC as well as a diverse background and language skills. Any other insight into DF living would also be very much appreciated.

I’m scared. :S

Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

There are hundreds of multi-national corporations with a presence in D.F. I am sure they don’t all pay their employees less than some long time maids make in Ajijic. I think someone is exaggerating a lot. There is also a very large, very comfortable middle class in Mexico City. That being said, the salaries are less than they are in the US, and unemployment is high. The cost of living is lower so it almost balances out.

I would make a list of a dozen corporations where your specific expertise would be especially valuable. Then go to their corporate Websites and see how many have a presence in Mexico City. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Send the head of HR an inquiry letter and I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a few nibbles.

You might take a look at CraigsList – Mexico City and see if you can get some idea of salaries from that.

Go to the Website Mexico Connect and you’ll find a wealth of information.

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