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Visit Mexico Df

Sharon asks…

Traveling from Mexicali to Mexico D.F./ Viaje a Mexico desde Mexicali?

Hello, i got a good complex question(s):

I’ll be visiting Pachuca Hidalgo this coming April and need to rent a car in Mexico City, i’m a mexican national living in the US and am not yet legal. So i don’t have a driver’s license from the US or Mexico. I have a Baja California fakie that is under my own name. I don’t have time to get a real driver’s license in Mexico, since i would only be visiting for 4 days, but still need to drive. Please give me some advice as to if it would be still ok to use my fakie to get a car in Mexico City, i know they would require the driver’s license and my credit card, which i do have and is my own. You think i could still get a car there and it wouldn’t be a big deal as long as i’m upfront about the money? What car rental company do you suggest? I’m not trying to take advantage of anyone…i just am not lucky enough to have the necessary credentials.

Estoy tratando de rentar un carro en el DF porque estare alli 4 dias de visita. Pero tengo una licensia falsa de Baja California bajo mi nombre, porque simplemente no puedo tener una autentica y tampoco tengo una de EUA. Necesito rentar un carro…ustedes creen que seria mucho problema usar la licensia falsa en Mexico solo por la renta del carro? yo tengo mi tarjeta de credito en orden y tengo con que pagar…no circularia Mexico, sino solo saldria de alli para ir a Pachuca. Ustedes que creen? que compañias de renta de carro me recomiendan?…porfavor denme su opinion…GRACIAS.

Tijuana answers:

Si la licencia de BC esta a tu nombre y tu tarjeta de credito tambien, no creo que tengas problema alguno en rentar el auto pues dudo que sabran detectar que la licencia es falsa. (Asumo que esta vigente y no es una falsa corriente, en otras palabras pasa como autentica?). En fin no creo que se daran cuenta. Si en tu hotel en el DF hay acceso a una empresa de renta de autos te sugiero que la uses pues, como ya eres huesped del hotel, hay aun menos probabilidad que cuestionen la validez de tus documentos al momento de rentar un auto.

If bad comes to worse, hay servicio directo de autobus desde el aeropuerto de Mexico hasta Pachuca.

Servicio directo del Aeropuerto
de la Ciudad de México

Autobuses Estrella Blanca
Terminal Aeropuerto Ciudad de México Tel:
Tiempo estimado del viaje: 1:40 Hrs.

Autobuses Mexico Pachuca Flecha Roja, S.A. De C.V.
Poniente 116-282, Col. Capultitlan
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, 02370

Steven asks…

Why are Mexico’s border cities so crappy compared to the interior cities?

I lived in the DF for a year during college in order to learn Spanish, and I also drove around a lot and visited Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Merida, and even drove to El Salvador once to visit a chick.

Those cities (yes, even San Salvador) were much nicer in most ways than the border cities in Mexico. Tijuana has some okay parts, and Mexicali isn’t so bad, but CJ is a goddamned hellhole. I was there last year, and four dudes in an SUV were shot to death two blocks from my motel at 3am. People didn’t go out at night due to violence.

Nuevo Laredo isn’t much better; Reynosa and Matamoros are somewhat better, but they are also smaller and not all that interesting.

Even Monterrey is way, way better than any of the cities right along the border, and that city is around 120 miles or so from the US border.

Why did Mexico‘s border cities turn into total hellholes? Normally, when you have an under-developed nation next to a developed nation, the border region of the under-developed nation is actually the wealthiest and most-developed part. Sort of like Singapore’s borders with Malaysia and Indonesia.

But in Mexico, the nicest places are deep in the south, and the border is a violent warzone.

Tijuana answers:

It’s where the guns from the US meet up with the drugs from SA.

Laura asks…

anyone know anything about visa’s to the uk??

im a mexican citizen passport holder and would like very much to come to the uk for a visit/holiday for a month or two. does anyone know if i would need a visa to travel to the uk or is Mexico a country that doesnt require a visa to visit the UK?

Tijuana answers:

You asked if a national of Mexico needs a visa to come to the UK as a visitor.

No, you do not need a visa.

On arrival in the UK you must satisfy an immigration officer that you qualify for entry to the United Kingdom as a visitor under the Immigration Rules.
If you are applying to our visa section in Mexico City, you can now make your application online though the visa4UK website. All visa applicants will be required to provide fingerprints with their application.
Here is the UK embassy in Mexico:

Welcome to Visas


British Embassy
Consular Section:
Río Usumacinta 26
Col Cuauhtémoc 06500

Tel: (+52) (55) 5242-8500
Fax: (+52) (55) 5242-8523
Entry Clearance Manager – Dawn Farr

Before visiting the Consular and Visa Section, please check our

– Public Holidays
– Opening Hours

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