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Visit Mexico Df

Mary asks…

Facts about the “museo de la ciudad de mexico” (museum of mexico city) URGENT!?

hi, I’m doing a hugeeee project for spanish and one of the parts of it is that I have to chose museums that I visited and write about them in can give me the statements in english or spanish (or both)
but, if you give them to me in spanish remember I’m only in year 2 of spanish so it can’t be too complex.

READ: i am NOT trying to get you to do my spanish work for me in any way, shape, or form. I have been researching this musuem but cant find anything useful to me.
links would be greatly appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

Here you can find a short description of the museum in english:
Above the page there is a tab for spanish with the same information.

Here is also some information that might be useful (it is in spanish)

Here you can find the information for the Director of the museum, along with an e-mail.
You could ask her whatever information you are missing about the hotel. Usually when you ask for help for an investigation project people are more than willing to help.

Good luck

Mark asks…

Why El Salvador is so dangerous and pathetic?

Recently my cousin(Argenmex) visited that country, as part of his Central America tour. He told me it was the worst country he ever visit.overall best in central america was Costa Rica(no brainer lol.)
Argenmex:His father is argentinian and his mother is mexican but born in el DF,Mexico

This is what he told me:

-He gotten death threaten for being Mexican.(WTF!!)
-Got robbed and sexually harrassed by the public.
-Even in the Hotel they told him to back to your Sh!thole country.
-Worst place to visit for any mexican period!!!!
-They didnt wanted to serve him in Resturants cause of his mexican/argie accent.
-In the end he said they were some few decent peoples there towards mexicans.but majority 95-99% hates mexicans to death.

After hearing him I just rather visit Costa Rica,Canada,Jamaica,and Guatemala when Mexico goes threw the Eliminatorias.

Tijuana answers:

Well yeah anybody would know that.I mean salvamierderos are fked up.everytime we watch Mexico vs El Salvador in El Salvador their saying racist chit.Mexicans no all they do is make noise when their anthem,which btw sounds like a horse race,is playing xD.

Don’t visit that country even if your with 100 Mexicans.It just makes you more of a target.but why wouldn’t they just serve him the darn food?that gay azz country is run by ms-13 and 18th has no government.yupp if you ever want to visit central america visit Costa Rica they are more well educated than el Salvador..

Mierderos salvatruchanos

James asks…

Does anyone know if I need a return ticket when arriving in Honduras?

I plan on going down to San Pedro Sula within the next couple of weeks. I am getting married to my husband who is from there. Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff online, and one of the things that I read said something about that you have to have proof of your intent to depart (onward journey) from Honduras..such as a return ticket ect ect. Now my plan was to buy a one way ticket because I’m going to stay in Honduras for a couple months and get my residency there. Then we were going to travel on bus to Mexico City DF where I have family and visit them for awhile. So basically I am wondering has anyone recently been to Honduras and do you know if they ask to see a return ticket? I mean, if this is true, well how do I get around that?? I mean, I can’t buy the bus ticket to MExico from here (US). I need to wait, and not sure what day exactly we’d be leaving..and ughh this just adds more to my aggravation over this trip. Well thankyou ahead of time for any answers. I appreciate it. Oh just thought I’d also add that my mother in law she travels often to and from Honduras and she said that they’ve never asked her for a return ticket or proof of anything. I also have a American friend who said the same..that they’ve never asked her for anything either..just her passport.

Tijuana answers:

The airline will require you to have an onward ticket or risk a sizeable fine. You have two alternatives– get a ticket, or get some ceritification from the Honduran Embassy. As for the first, it doesn’t have to be a plane ticket–your bus ticket to Mexico would work just fine as it is a confirmed onward journey. You should be able to buy a bus ticket to Mexico on the internet if you know the company. I know that Tica bus goes from Panama to Mexico through Honduras (I don’t think it goes to Mexico City however). The second option is to have the embassy certify that you are married to a Honduran citizen (check with the airline to see what is needed) because Hondurans do not have to show an on-going ticket.

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