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Visit Mexico Df

John asks…

Canadians, do you ever get mad that everyone thinks you are American?

I went to the UK and Germany recently with my step brother who is canadain. They all thought he was American and they usually just assume that Canadians are Americans when they hear them speak. Also they though Justin Bieber was American(sadly) and I know many Americans assume that most Canadian celebrities are American.

Tijuana answers:


1) No, it hasn’t affected me either way. Abroad most people judge you as an individual no matter what nationality they think you are.

2) Many years ago my mom and dad were in a small French town. The storekeeper said, oh, you must be Canadian! How did you figure that they asked? Well you talk American and dress European he said.

3) Justin Beiber known in Europe? Yuk, I was hoping he would have been left behind in Canada or the US. I’m glad they think he is American.

4) By the way I work with the Mexican community here. Our government in Mexico DF is treating them like s*it and giving them a hell of a hard time when they want to come for a visit. Its getting ugly and when I go there with my wife this year I’ll be sure to put an American mini flag on my knapsack.


Michael Kelly (CDN)

Paul asks…

What is it like for a Mexican to fly to the U.S.?

My Mexican boyfriend is flying to Chicago from DF this fall to visit me and he does not speak English at all (he will be 18). I have gone to Mexico before from O´Hare airport to DF via Aeromexico, however, I´m pretty fluent in Spanish and it was no hassle for me. My boyfriend´s a little nervous about doing this by himself, not knowing any English and all, and I was hoping some one could tell me what he should expect when he gets there so I can help him out some lol. Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

Well he is going to be asked many questions, since the CBP officers do not want people entering legally and then staying to live in the US. So he is going to have to proove he will be returning to Mexico, I hope he has a Round Trip Ticket.
Questions can be like, where is he staying? Why? How many days? Who is he staying with? And they may even call to know if what he says it’s true.
If he does not speak English, that is no problem since many officers there speak Spanish.

Joseph asks…

Guadalajara to Morelia to Puebla…?

Hola! I’ve got about 8 days to travel in Mexico, and I’d love some advice on cities and sites to visit!

Here is my tentative plan:
— Depart from Guadalajara.
Visit Morelia (mainly to see the monarch butterflies… is this a worthwhile stop in May???).
— Make a pit stop in Mexico City to check out the ruins at Teotihuacan (not interested in staying in Mexico City)
Visit Puebla
— Return to Guadalajara

**Do you have any suggestions for HOW LONG I should stay in each city?
**Do you have any suggestions for OTHER CITIES/SITES I SHOULD SEE ALONG THE WAY?

Like I said, I’ve got about 8 days for traveling. I want to see a lot but not rush too much, and I want to stay safe.

Gracias por su ayuda!! 😀
(By the way, I live in Guadalajara, so I won’t be sightseeing there, it’s just my start and end point… thank you for your input!! 😀 )

Tijuana answers:

I would forget Puebla and DF … That’s a long haul for such a short stay. I would focus on Guad, Morelia and Patzcuaro. BTW .. The Monarch sanctuaries are only open from December thru March. In May they are up north

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