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Visit Mexico Df

Joseph asks…

What is a good place to eat in Alameda Central park in Mexico City?

websites direct answers anything!!!! Where’s a good place besides bellas artes to sight see in this same location??

Tijuana answers:

You can visit.

The torre Latino.
The coffe site in Sears infront of the bellas artes palace.
The Correo Mayor Tower
The museums infront of alameda, behind of bellas artes

But for eat
There a lot of good places like
Sanborns casa de los azulejos.

You can also eat in Churreria el MORO
Traditional place in mexico city downtown.

I know a lot of good places, but not near Alameda Central, and maybe if u dont have car its going to be difficult anyway good luck and Welcome to Mexico City.

Jenny asks…

where are the best places to go on holidays to in mexico?

i want to take a trip to mexico for my 21st in a few years where would you recommend visiting and at what time of the year?

Tijuana answers:

SHUT UP! I am from Mexico and i don’t see the “insecure” country that you see in the news! Ignorant people.. Mexico is a veeeeery beautiful country. If you want to go for holidays go to Cancun, Ixtapa, Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Puerto Peñasco in spring break or summer and if you want to go to cultural places you can go to Guadalajara, DF, Oaxaca, Veracruz and Cancun too.

I am from Mexicali, it is not that pretty here so don’t come jajaj, but it IS secure.

Ruth asks…

What is the population of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico?

Why would it be a good place to live?

Tijuana answers:

City pop is about 1 million, throw in all the suburbs and its about 3 million. It isnt a pretty city, except for the mountains that surround it. Smog can be a prob but not anything like df. But its modern and very commercial, nothing like the laid-back colonial parts of other mexican cities. I have lots of family there and lived there a couple of years and liked it but jobs was an issue for me. I couldnt put it together. Sigh. Visit first.

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