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Visit Mexico Df

Mary asks…

Anyone from EL D.F. that can tell me place to visit and not visit if I go there for vacation?

Everytime I go to Mexico I start driving towards La Capital, but I only get as far as Guanajuato or Queretaro. I always get scared of going into the city or around it. I really want to visit the Aztec Pyramids, but all my family tells me not to go there. I have family in La Capital, but I don’t want to bother them. I know not to go to Tepito.

Tijuana answers:

The pyramids are actually on the outskirts of the city. El DF has a lot to offer a traveler. It is VERY European in both its architecture and structure. You should be safe if you stay at international brand hotel (i.e. Holiday Inn, Westin, etc.). Although “Tepito” is not advertised, it IS the merchandise mecca for the city. Since you are not from the area I would advise you to NOT go. Armed robberies are frequent, even during the day and the crowds are no deterrants. However, if you would like to, I would suggest you go accompanied by a “local.” Personally, I really enjoyed seeing the Plaza de las Tres Culutras, Chapultepec, and El Museo del Templo Mayor. There are, however, vast amounts of museums within the city, it really just depends on what your interests are. Don’t miss the pyramids either. Try planning your trip to see them on a Sunday when the local vendors hold a swamp meet of sorts. Good Luck!

Donald asks…

how do i get my cell working in the us?

i have a cell that i got when i was in mexico , its from telcel but i want to use it with service from usa , can i ?>

Tijuana answers:

The phone is not the problem. There is a “block” so that it can only be used with a telcel chip. If you are getting a new provider in the US they may be able to do it for you. OR — You can go online and find codes to unblock it. Some are easy, but some are not. One of our Nokias has about 10 different ones and if you try to use the wrong one 3 times it is permanently locked. Check online first and if that doesn’t work or you don’t want to risk it you can pay to have it done. Here in the DF area it is about 100 mxn ($10 us). Or you can call telcel (or visit, ’cause you know they don’t do anything by phone here in Mexico) and see if they will give you the code (lol).

Robert asks…

what do i need to get a tourist visa will my enhanced id be enough?

Tijuana answers:

Tourist Visas and Tourist permits are two different entities. There are hundreds Of countries in the world that their citizens must apply for a Tourist Visa. Every foreigner entering Mexico needs next to nothing to cross any of her Borders. To go beyond the border area every foreigner needs a Passport to get an FMM tourist permit.(May 1st 2010)
So , NO you can Not get an FMM without a Passport to go beyond the Border Zone.
Your enhanced ID is an American concept and the Law in Mexico requires a Passport to go downtown…DF por ejemplo.

Please read the link and don`t waste your time. Please read the last paragraph………highlighted in red
BTW There is No such thing as a Tourist Card. The Cards are FM3s and FM2s and now have electronic info on the card`s magnetic strips. The Tourist Permit , Valid for up to 180 days is a piece of the form that is part of the application that must be retained and surrendered to Mexican Authorities when exiting Mexico after your visit.
In my opinion Mexico should have left the FMT the way it was and No Visa was required to visit Mexico.
Now the issue is ambiguous. Even some experts are calling them Visas and they are Not! Visas need to be applied for just as a Mexican has to apply for a B2.
P.S. The information on you E licence is only readable on US equipment.

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