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Visit Mexico Df

William asks…


What was it like? I’m going to Mexico DF aka Mexico City (Capital).
TO HAVE FUN! i’m going with some friends actaully and we want to aviod other white drunk girls in cancun or some place like that. hey, i’m white, i don’t want to feel like everyone followed me and now we are all in one place, so that’s why we are going to the city, to get away from those other types college student.

Tijuana answers:

I can’t even wait to go back! I’m going as a tourist and to visit some family, and they do live in Mexico City.

I went there around May and i had a blast. Mexico City, there is lots you can do. It’s diverse, it was a culture shock for me. There are parts in Mexico City where you wouldn’t be able to tell if you are in Mexico or the US. But when you walk some several blocks everything changes so fast, then there are poor people asking for money, and “nice me” i give them any change i have left, but people say not to do that.
When you are there, try going to Teotihuacan and go on the Pyramid of the Sun, Have fun!

James asks…

Who’s driven highway 95 from Mexico to Acapulco?

I’ll be visiting Mexico City and Acapulco this winter, renting a car to make the back & forth… Who’s driven the cuota from el DF to Acapulco, and what is your impression of it? Our flight gets in about 5pm, the trip is supposed to take 4 hours – is this too late to be driving that road?
I’ve driven lots in other areas of Mexico, including the length of hwy 200 (costera) – so I am comfortable making this trip, but am wondering about the likelihood of an assault after dark.
Also, during mid-december, about what time does it get dark in that part of Mexico?
While living on the coast of Oaxaca I drove the costera to and from the nearest cities regardles of wheter it was dark or not. And, coming down the coast, we commonly drove until about 9pm without any problems – even in Sinaoloa which is supposed to be really bad for highway assaults. I plan to stay entirely on the cuota and only stop to pay tolls.
Anybody else’s experience / recomendations???
Change in plans, we get into DF at 11:30am, so getting to the coast before dark won’t be a problem.
Thanks to all.

Tijuana answers:

Victoria , this is a major highway and I think your fine. Use your own judgement, but it will be dark by the time you get on the highway. Once you get out of Mexico City ( now that maybe is the scary part ) you will hit the highway and other than the hefty tolls I dont see a problem , unless a bandito can run 60 miles an hour.
Just use your common sense but I would not have a problem with it.

Paul asks…

How do I interpret this message from a girl in Mexico?

Last March I went to a friend’s wedding in Mexico (DF) and met a girl there. We only hung out one night, but really seemed to have a certain chemistry. We didn’t talk much after that (she lives in Mexico and I live in the US), but last weekend I started talking with her on the phone. She invited me to see her and I would like to, but I’m not sure how serious she really is. Can someone help me interpret her intent? Here’s the last txt message she sent me tonight:

Te mando un beso y un gran abrazo… Ya sabes que en mexico tienes tu casa, asi que ven pronto a visitarme, saludos… Besitos…

I send you a kiss and a big hug. You already know that in Mexico you have your house, so come soon to visit me, regards. Kisses.

Is this a common Mexican salutation, or should I take this literally and go visit her?

Tijuana answers:

I`m not mexcian but close (I`m guatemalan). It is common courtesy in Latin America to send hugs an kisses, but she is offering you her house, so that means that she is looking for more than just a friedly visit. She wants a fling and see where it goes after that.

You should totally go. Yeah gran abrazo (I wish you where here)

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