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Visit Mexico Df

Betty asks…

What do the British people think about the countries in Latin America?

Mick, Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela

Tijuana answers:

I lived in Mexico DF for a year and thought it was fantastic, if a little bit of a scary place at times. Even better once we got out of the City and to the country and coast.

Also visited Caracas which I thought was really amazing – I remember I was on the phone on the top floor of one of the tallest buildings in the City – there were floor to ceiling windows and I was watching eagles flying past. Also, seemed a bit dangerous (for a Gringo like me, although I’m from UK not USA) – but the nighlife was great. Funny, I was there on business and a lot of the people I met raved about Puerto la Cruz – many had homes there.

Also visited Guatemala which had really amazing, quiet beaches.

Susan asks…

where are teh cañitas street in mexico df?

are in mexico city in the downtown

Tijuana answers:

If you want to visit the so called “cañitas house” , it is located at cañitas #51 col. Popotla, one can take the subway, the blue line ….

Ken asks…

Do Mexican-Americans know there is a whole side of Mexico that’s a party zone?

I visited Mexico with one of my Mexican friends and I found out that Mexico is a great party place with dozens of bars, clubs and beautiful people. I felt like I was in Europe or something! There were actually WHITE MEXICANS! It seems like the rich people in Mexico are mostly white, wealthy and know how to party. Do Mexican Americans not know about this? I would be down there almost every other year having a good time if I had family down there.

Northern Mexican women are so hot! I had no idea I would’ve been talking to a blonde Mexican girl. Life is so strange!

Tijuana answers:

To answer your question, most Mexican-Americans DON’T know that there is a party zone here in Mexico. In fact, most of the Mexican Americans we knew back in the US, thought Mexico was still the typical third world country with no sign of western civilization anywhere.

We here in TheCancunBaby Team are all mostly Mexican-Americans that have lived in various cities such as LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, NYC, and St. Louis. We had no idea Mexico was this crazy until we came to live here!

Cancun, Cabo, Mex DF, San Luis Potosi, Vallarta, Progreso, Acapulco, Puerto Escondido, you name a party destination here in Mexico and we’ve been there!

Mexicans are like Americans. We have a wide variety of colors and races. We have Mexican-Asians, African-Mexicans, Caucasians, and the Mexico Natives. Here in the CUNBabyTeam we have all kinds of variety of races also haha.

But I disagree on you in one point. Even though a part of rich Mexicans are white, there are MORE dark skinned Mexicans that are rich. Yeah Mexico’s has his blondes haha, I don’t find it strange haha. Like I said, just like in America, Mexico has variety xD.

Glad you liked Mexico. 😀

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