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Visit Mexico Df

Maria asks…

Would you be afraid to travel in Mexico?

Mexico has had some serious crime problems in recent months and years, and there have been instances of murders and assassinations in many of the border cities and other places such as Monterrey.

My visits to Mexico include two to Monterrey and I found the people and country–by and large–to be wonderful. Also, the murders have not generally targeted American tourists, although said Americans or other tourists are best advised to keep personal property under guard. Theft remains something of a problem.

Would you consider a trip South of the Border? With what reservations or concerns? I would travel only by air or train, but would not be afraid to visit Mexico. How about you?
I don’t know if they still run, but as recently as two decades ago you could take a train from Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey. It was about a five to seven hour trip, mostly across desert. When I made the trip the train had a single coach that was about three quarters full of passengers. Very pleasant and the train was clean. I was the only Gringo on the train, incidentally.
Upon doing a little research I find that the Mexican government discontinued its subsidies for passenger train service in 2000. Most regular passenger trains have been eliminated, although a few remain. This is unfortunate, and–I hope–temporary. I would really prefer rail travel to flying.

Tijuana answers:

Well I’ve lived 10 years in Mexico and the only thing that I’ve been robbed is my flip flops one time by a European girl in Cancun. Hahaha.

Yeah there’s been assassinations but it’s not like crazy Mexicans run around killing everybody they see in sight. It’s usually people in the drug cartel and stuff; so, if you traffic drugs, smuggle them into states and keep them in your house then Don’t come to Mexico haha. Anyways yeah they aren’t crazy and I feel safer here in school because I won’t have kids shooting it up for no reason like in other places ;D.

I’ve traveled by air and rail in Mexico and All I can say (as a citizen of the world having visited 6/7 continents) that the Mexican rail system sucks. Haha no really it’s horrible and I can only compare it to Africa’s and can’t decide which one is worse. And don’t let it ever cross your mind traveling in economy class by train because it’s badbadbad. The metro and Tren Lijero in Mexico City on the other hand are really clean and first world type. Air travel is really comfortable and the airlines have really good service and new airbuses too.

In General no I would not be afraid to travel to Mexico, in fact I currently reside in Mexico (Originally from California). Sometimes you just have to take life by the collar and give fear a big punch in the face. I know people who were born, lived, and died in the states, and the only thing they ever saw that to them was foreign, was Canada and Tijuana. They were so full of fear from what they heard in the American News that they never went anywhere else.

I love America and it’s great, but no one knows why they love America until they actually get out of the country, and not just Tijuana :P. Mexico is my second home and I’ve honestly learned to love the people, the culture, and specially the food :D. Haha. Most cities are just as safe as any American city and imo, Anything north of Monterrey is not Mexico. If you really want to see what Mexico is, come to the south, DF, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Veracruz, Chiapas, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo. There’s at least 1 place in Mexico that you’ll love ;D

Richard asks…

Is Mexico City (Mexico DF) not safe?

i am staying in mexico city for a while in Polanco to be exact so is it safe to go out at night ??

Tijuana answers:

Mexico City is the safest city in Mexico. No shootouts between rival drug gangs or between govt. Forces and gangs, no drive-bys, no slaughter of innocent civilians like in many other Mexican cities.
It has the lowest murder rate for mega-cities in North America. There are areas where you should be careful and you should exercise precaution just as in any large city – be it New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Rome, Shanghai, London, Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, etc
Polanco is one of the nicer parts of Mexico City. There is plenty of security. When foreign heads of state visit Mexico they often stay in hotels in Polanco. You will be fine in Polanco if you go out at night. It’s known for the night life. I’ll be going out in Polanco myself some night this week. Be sure to visit nearby Chapultepec Park, Chapultepec Castle, Anthropology and History Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. Have some world class Japanese food at the Nikko Hotel or at the Suntory restaurant. Go to Thai Garden if you like great Thai food. Enjoy the Crabhouse, Los Almendros Yucatán style food, have a great steak at one of the Argentinain steak houses, drop by the Hard Rock Café or one of the other places with live music or go to a disco if that is your style.

Sharon asks…

How can I get tickets for seating at an Independence Day event?

I watched “Fiesta Mexicana” this year (not the whole thing, it’s hoursss long), and there were Independence Day fiestas all over the country. Most people stood in public squares, but I noticed some seated areas at the front of a performance by the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. How can I find tickets for something like this? I will be visiting Mexico in 2009 with my Dad (I’m a total Daddy’s girl, lol), and I to get seats to a nice performance, preferably in DF, the country’s capital.

Any websites? Any information would really be appreciated, gracias.

Tijuana answers:

Events like those are usually sponsored by the local government agencies. Check out their websites for info. Sometimes they do give out tickets in the local radio and tv stations.

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