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Visit Mexico Df

Steven asks…

Mexican citizen going to India?

Hello, I am mexican, and I want to visit bangalore, can some one tell me if I can travel to India With just my mexican passport or do I need other type of papers?

Tijuana answers:

No, you can’t. The Indian Government will not let any fioreigners into the country without a valid visa. Excepted are only citizen of Bhutan and Nepal. You need to apply for a visa at the Indian Embassy, Musset 325, Col. Polanco, CP 11550, Mexico DF.


Sharon asks…

Mexico City – family holiday info please.?

I’d like to go to Mexico City for a weeks’s holiday with my family (kids 12 & 13). Could I have suggestions for good affordable hotels, likely weather end of July and any other info people would like to give me on the subject? Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Fisrt of all, take a look at this site on general information on family vacations to Mexico:

Seconf of all, this site is specific on traveling to Mexico City:

Third of all, this site provides very good information on different topics, but it is in Spanish (it has a link to an English version, but it is broken):

Fouth of all: your kids will enjoy a lot the visit, I am quite sure, there are very interesting visits to the Chapultepec Zoo, Antropologia Museum, you should not miss a visit to Teotihuacan Pyramids ( 1.5 h ride from downtown, but totally worthwhile), and Coyoacan.

The weather for those dates could be rainy and warm (upper 20’s °C or lower 30°C).
A nice Hotel:
Don´t forget to take the “turibus”:

Finally, to get more information, you may call toll free to: 1 888 401 38 80
That is the Mexican Tourism Integral Services Center, they will serve you in English or in French.

John asks…

most likely place to be mugged in the world?

most likely place to be mugged in the world

Tijuana answers:

Mexico DF. I’ve seen plenty of people getting mugged there. Stands and everything. There is a lot of crime there. Still I go to visit the beautiful churches and shop for random things before or after going to some resort. In detroit you’re likely to get mugged too. Mugging mostly occurs in poor places.

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