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Visit Mexico Df

Ruth asks…

I am going to D.F for ten days any advice?

I am going to visit a girl i met this summer who lives in df for ten days in december.

Tijuana answers:

Mexico City is geat in December, a little chilly though. There are usually a lot of family holiday parties, so take advantage of the fact that you have a new friend there and that you’ll get to experience a taste of real Mexican culture.

If you’re looking to do some site seeing, take the full tour on the Turibus which will take you all over the cool parts of the city. You can get on and off the bus where ever you want to spend some time to check out the sites. In general, public transportation in Mexico is cheap and easy, but stick with the Metro or the MetroBus and try to avoid the street taxis.

Don’t miss the zocalo in the historical city center, especially during the holidays when they have it beautifully decorated. There you can see the Templo Mayor, the main cathedral and the presedential palace with the Diego Rivera murals. Just a few blocks away is the Palacio de Bellas Artes, a gorgeous art deco building where you can watch the Ballet Foclorico.

To pick up some great Mexican crafts at a good price, head to the Ciudadela. On Saturday, head to San Angel for the Bazar del Sabado.

For good food, head to the Condesa neighborhood. It’s filled with all kinds of restaurants, cafes and bars (good nightlife scene too).

If you want to get out of the city for a day, I’d recommend Tepotzlan (about one hour south), Teotihuacan (the pyramids about 1 hour away), or Xochimilco (which is still part of the city).

Have a great trip and bring your camera!

Michael asks…

Hello friends What really thinks of my country: Mexico?

Greetings to the United States: a great nation!

Tijuana answers:

Hi. I am in way an American but an Indian with Spanish nationality. I live in India and my job as VP of one of the biggest companies in the world takes me all around the world and especially to Spanish speaking nations. I look after sales and properties for we could use to set up new plants and offices. I was selected for this job as I speak spanish fluently. I come to your Country almost five to six times a year and am truly in love with it. Though i have not travelled too much withen the country, I have been to almost all places on business and not for vacations. The only one vacation I took was on a break in journey to Buenos Aires for three days in Acapulco. Wow, it is a great place and would love to make another trip there. The people I find are extremely nice but at the same time I am very careful about what I carry on me when I venture out of my hotel in the evenings to visit a nightclub or a bar. Normally, I have company but at times I prefer being alone and thats when one really starts enjoying oneself – making new friends, tequila shots with beer and the works. I normally stay in The Crowne Plaza in DF and make that my home base to go anywhere. I have made some great friends there and I am in touch with them via mail. I like walking down the zona rosa not with any crazy notions but just to see the kind of life style people lead. I find that almost all the nightspots are full of foreigners – especially Yanks. As my color is more or less Mexican and my fluency in Spanish, helps me get away with a lot of things as most people can never imagine an Indian speaking Spanish with the fluency of a Mexican or a Spaniard and that too with all the XXX words that are added to each sentence. I even have Mexican flag sticker on my car and a boxing glove hanging decoration for the same so you can imagine just how much I love your Country. I think my next trip is due in January and this time and I think I will be spending most of my time at Veracruz.
So – heres to Viva Mejico!!!

Susan asks…

What’s your opinion of Mexico?

Question says all, I mean general aspects like people, government, food, touristic places…

Tijuana answers:

Mexico City (DF) is really cool. I’ve been to various parts of Mexico from Baja to the Yucatan but been to DF the most. The food, the people, the historic sites, the music, the museums, all good. Of course, with anything there are the bad sides to things. Overall, I think it’s gotten better since when I first visited in the 90s. Cleaner, feels more safe. I don’t really pay attention to the government. The government of any country doesn’t represent the people imho. Never had issues with border crossing, immigration, or the police but I don’t act stupid either. The tequila in Jalisco is real smooth. I’ve been ruined and can’t drink the stuff they export. I have no qualms about street food. Driving in DF is chaotic but relaxing in the Yucatan. Public transportation in DF is excellent and cheap, just the small bus system is difficult due to my limited Spanish

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