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Visit Mexico Df

Betty asks…

How to get the cheapest international flight ticket?

There most be a way to find the best fares online. Do you know how? Plase help…I’m traveling from Guatemala City to Mexico DF.
Please help

Tijuana answers:

Check out Also visit a travel agency and see what they quote you.

Carol asks…

How much would it cost to live in Mexico city for a month?

– I know theres a swine flu there. This question is in regard for about a year from now,

Tijuana answers:

Mexico City is a great place to visit for a month!

It would be nice to have some more details about what you are looking to do in Mexico City.

Anyways, you can rent a decent (not a first rate hotel, but clean and safe) hotel room in downtown Mexico City for about $700 pesos per week, but that’s with a shared bath. It also includes free internet in the lobby and a safe for your things. You can get a room w/bath for about $1,000 pesos per week. It really depends on what you want. There are many hotels in the Centro Historico (Downtown) which is close to many sights and things to see and do.

Yes, there’s human flu in Mexico. It’s also in the US and now it’s in many other countries.

As for the cost of daily living: A ride on the Metro subway system costs $2.00 pesos (less than $0.20 US cents), a short taxi ride costs about $20 pesos, a bus costs about 3-4 pesos in the DF.

A tour of the city by Turibus costs about $150 pesos for all day.

Food: A tamale and a cup of atole (a steaming hot rice drink, often Chocolate or strawberry flavored) costs about 15 pesos. There’s your breakfast. Lunch at a small-medium family run restaurant, the set menu comida corrida which usually includes soup, rice, beans, a main dish (enchiladas, beef or chicken steak, fish etc), a dessert, tortillas and a drink of agua fresca (flavored water, like juice) should cost between $40-50 pesos. Dinner: six tacos and a coke= $38 pesos (5 pesos per taco, 8 pesos for the coke. So your total for one day of food= $93 pesos mas o menos (more or less) and that’s way under $10 USD at the current exchange rate of about $13.2 pesos to $1 USD.

Here is a list of prices for Mexico City. Some of these seem a little low, so maybe the list is a little old:

Costs of living

Gas – Premium $ 1.54/gal.

Medical and Dental

Doctor’s office visit $ 30.00

(good neighborhood)

1 bedroom apartment, with living room, kitchen and bath (rent) $300 /mo

6 room apartament,
2 bedrooms (rent) $400 /mo

Unfurnished garden style condo witht pool 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, apartment (rent) $550 /mo

3 bedrooms, 2 baths house $1000 /mo


Electricity $12.00 /mo

Propane gas for cooking/ hot water $20.00 /mo

Telephone – Basic service $22.00 /mo

Drinking water $ 6.00 /mo


Basic monthly cellular service $ 50.00

Basic monthly pager service $ 15.00

Internet server connection service (ilimited) $ 45.00

Basic cable channel connection $ 30.00

Auto related

Auto insurance $90 for $1,000.00 value car (annual)

Auto registration $40 for $1,000.00 value car (annual)

Oil change $9.00

Tune-up $70.00


Groceries for one $55.00

Groceries for four $150.00/month


Movie ticket $ 3.50

Theater ticket $ 8.50

Gym $40.00 /mo


Maid-house cleaning 1 day $10.00

Laundry and Dry Cleaner

Dry Clean-trousers or skirt $2.00

Restaurant/Eating Out

Dinner-1st class restaurant $15.00

Dinner, medium priced restaurant $ 9.00

Corona Beer-6 pack (325 ml) $ 2.00

Coca-Cola- 2 liter bottle $ 0.89

Milk- 1 liter $ 0.60

Billingual School

Primary education $150.00 /mo

Secundary education $200.00 /mo

High School $280.00 /mo

College $400.00 /mo
Bueno Suerte!

Viva Mexico!

Michael asks…

Mexico in August for 7 – 10 days: where in the country should I go?

I know it’s supposed to be the rainy season, but Mexico‘s a big country with coasts on two major oceans, so I wondered if there was a difference depending on where in the country you go.

I don’t really want to sit at an all-inclusive the whole time – I want to visit ruins, see the sights, and go scuba diving. I would rather stay at small local places, if possible.

What agenda would you suggest?


Tijuana answers:

If u come to mexico city, u can’t lost Guanajuato City, its 3 hours ago from DF and its like a little town of spain, u can visit too (in the same route) Guadalajara city with mariachis and tekila. And if u want to go to the beach, u can go to Puerto Vallarta there u have you’re scuba diving.

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