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Visit Mexico From Us

Betty asks…

How much does it cost to visit Mexico?

I’m doing a presentation in my Spanish class. I was assigned the Spanish speaking country “Mexico.” We are supposed to find out how much it would cost to visit, but I can’t seem to find one price. It’s just this would cost this much and that would cost this much.. Can you just give me an average total round trip estimated price.

Tijuana answers:

Hi. My fiance lives in Aguascalientes Mexico. We met while on vacation. I have visied her a few times and I know how much it costs to visit this particular state. Aguascalientes is a very wealthy state and it is still quite cheap to visit. The most you pay is air fare. Food is very good and very cheap. All together I thik I spent 1200 dollars for 9 days and that included 750 for my plane ticket. Cigarettes are about $2.20 american. I bought a liter of coke for about $1.00. We would hit a taquiera and spend about $5 between the two of us and be full. I hope this helps ya.

Donna asks…

Filipino Passport with B2 visa to the US wants to Visit Mexico for less than 24 hours?

Do i need a visa to enter Mexico (from San Diego)? We plan to visit Mexico for less than 24hours. Just cross and see things then come back to the US again.

Tijuana answers:

Yes, you will still need a tourist visa, among other requirements.

William asks…

My husband and I would like to start working on getting a visa for his mother and father to come visit us?

from Mexico to the US.. I am a US Citizen and my husband has his residency… His parents are getting very old and my husband hasnt seen them in 15 years… This is a very emotional and happy thing for us… but we arnt sure the requirments or the process or cost of doing this… please if you have any advice or any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

They will need a B2 visitors visa. The visa will cost $160. They will need to go to an interview in the US embassy/consulate closest to them.

Here some information:

You cannot get the visa for them, but you can help them to figure out the process.

Of course the cost for any travel arrangements will be extra.

If the parents are very old it might be much less stressful for them if you both visit them.

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