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Visit Mexico From Us

Lisa asks…

How to obtain a visa from Mexico to enter the united states?

I am looking into bringing my inlaws from Mexico to the united states. We need to know how to obtain a visa for them. They have tried a few times but have been denied 3-4 times to get a visa. What are the requirements in obtaining a visa to enter the US legally from Mexico to visit? And how do you do it!!!!

Tijuana answers:

They will have to have a Mexican Passport.
Then they will need to obtain a visa from the United States Embassy/Consulate Mexico. (The first URL).

This is still on the website:
he United States Embassy in Mexico City urges travelers who are interested in obtaining or renewing a visa to visit the United States to take advantage of immediate interview availability and schedule an appointment next week in advance of the busy holiday travel season.
The Embassy announces that there are hundreds of appointments now available for the week of September 24-28 so there are many options for arranging a visit to the Embassy on a date and a time at the applicant’s convenience.

If they have in fact been in the United States before and were deported, there is a 10 year waiting period before they can apply; and as far as I can determine, there are no exceptions made. If they were in the United States illegally, and were not deported, and they discover that they were in fact illegals, they will also have a 10 year waiting time before they can apply again.
Maybe this expedited service is still going on. If it is, then you are in luck, if it is not, there might be a lengthy waiting time. Have your relatives explain that they are visiting you and their daughter. (I hope that she is legally in the United States, or ……)

The website also explains about they need to get a non-resident visa before they get a resident visa.

Good luck.

Betty asks…

how do you apply for a visitation visa to the US from Mexico?

I have about 20 cousins or so in mexico. They are all aged from 9-20 and im 13. my family and i are all citizens here but we’d like it if our family from mexico could come visit us. but we dont know how they could apply for them. And another question can kids apply for visas?

Tijuana answers:

Check out for the website addresses of the US embassy and every consulate in Mexico. Check out the consular section or visa information. Most everything you need to know would be there. Considering that the visa application fee is now $131, times 20, that’s a fair amount of cash. Plus, there is no guarantee that they would be approved. Kids can certainly apply, but usually they do it with their parents. They can actually travel alone, but the officer still needs to at least talk to the parents to make a decision. You might also want to take a look at the visa wait times at There are considerable differences in how long it takes to get a visa interview appointment depending on the location.

Donna asks…

What kind of permit would we need to have someone visit us from Mexico?

My mother and I want my aunt (and possibly my cousin) to come over for a visit.

Want kind of permit would be needed and how do we get one?
My mother and I are American citizens. My maternal aunt is a Mexican citizen.

Tijuana answers:

Are you in the United States? Makes a big difference where you are.It is very easy for Mexican citizens to visit Canada…they do not need a visa, just their Mexican passport. If you are in the U.S. ….you will find there is nothing YOU can do. The Mexican citizens that want to visit you must apply for a B-2 tourist visa to the U.S. These are nearly impossible for a Mexican citizen to get. They need to go to the site below, read all the info, fill out the application forms, print them out. Then they need to follow the directions to make an appointment for an interview. The interview is at most 2 minutes long, and they must be able to convince the visa office that they will return to Mexico when their allotted visit time expires. The majority of visa applications are denied…sorry, but this is true.

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