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Visit Mexico From Us

Robert asks…

What is the problem with the Mexican government with all the poor people?

I decided I needed to visit Mexico, while I am in the US Southwest, so I took a few hours and went into Los Algodones.

What is the problem with the Mexican government(s) if the poor people are all over the streets and trying to sell things and begging?

It looks like they could do a much better job at helping these poor people.

This is supposed to be the “good” part of the US-Mexican border, with reduced violence, but I thought it was just a terrible place.

People told me I should not have gone by myself, but I wanted to go in, buy a bottle of tequila and maybe a homemade craft item and maybe eat something.

I found it too unpleasant to do anything more than go into the liquor store because too many people were accosting me if I went to the bazaars, etc. or even walked down the street.

On the way out, I pretended to be with a group of senior citizens so people would leave me alone.

I think the elderly people go there because of the cheap eye glasses and dentists, but one person said the crowns in their teeth fell out after they got them there.

I am just wondering: what kind of government does Mexico have that there are so many poverty-stricken people in the streets like this?

It seems there could be a way to get better control of the country than they are currently doing.

What is the explanation for this?

Tijuana answers:

I believe the biggest cause of poverty in Mexico is poor education. Kids are only required to go to the 3rd grade and that is not enforced. In many areas where grandparents and parents never completed school. The kids don’t either…then they have no job skills. What you saw is not rare, but it is not ALL of what Mexico is like either. Border towns tend to have a very high poverty level. I hope one day you can visit a city in the interior of Mexico and see that there are middle class neighborhoods and wealthy neighborhoods too. Mexico is like may developing countries…there is a huge contrast between the very rich and the very poor.

Chris asks…

Do I keep my Mexican citizenship after getting my us citizenship?

I resently got my greencard by filling ASYLUM and I get my us citizenship in 2 years. My question is, will I still keep my Mexican citizenship after winning my case by filling asylum? I know at the momen I cant visit Mexico with my greencard or US passport. Please help

Tijuana answers:

” In order to demonstrate that you are entitled to asylum, you must first show that you meet the definition of a “refugee” – that is, that you cannot return to your home country because you had been persecuted there or because you fear persecution there in the future.

You must show that this persecution was (or would be) inflicted on you because of one or more “protected grounds”: your race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Finally, you must show that you were persecuted by your country’s government (for example, police, army, or government officials) or by a non-governmental group that your government is unwilling or unable to control.

To qualify for asylum, you must prove every element of your asylum claim, demonstrating that you meet these factors, provide detailed, honest, and consistent information about yourself, including sufficient information about your race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, tribal and clan membership, or political affiliations – explaining how you were (or would be) hurt or threatened because of a “protected ground.” Include names of people and places, as well as dates when relevant. You must include detailed information about yourself: how you personally were harmed in the past, why you are afraid to return, why you were harmed, and what you believe would happen to you if you had to return to your home country. Do not simply write general statements.”

SO TELL ME, if your claim for asylum was truthful and not COMPLETE BS, WHY would you want to RETAIN citizenship in that horrible country you’re afraid to return to?

If you want to be American, BE American. If not, go home.

Michael asks…

Is it possible to cross the border with a green card?

Hi i have a bulgarian friend who has theg reen card to work legally at the us. He wants to visit mexico , but we r kind of confused if he can cross the border on our way back with only the green card. Is this possible?

Tijuana answers:

No. He needs a passport to cross in both directions.

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